Faculty Teaching Awards

In 2013, the College’s Board of Trustees took action to establish a permanently endowed fund for faculty development, innovation and excellence. Due to the efforts of many supporters and benefactors, the fund has grown to over $1 million. This expression of the College’s commitment to invest in our faculty promotes and acknowledges faculty development as called for in Goal 2.9 of our Strategic Plan, Advancing Our Legacy and Defining Our Future. 
The Faculty Excellence Review Team (consisting of the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Academic Deans, and faculty representatives from Arts & Science and Hagan) reviewed nominations from across the College and submitted their recommendations to the President. Each of the honorees will have the honor of presenting to the College community during the fall semester, and received a monetary stipend and award plaque.
These are the awards funded through the Endowed Faculty Excellence Fund for 2015:


The Master Teacher and Lecture Award recognizes and showcases the talents of a faculty member who is known throughout the Iona community as one of the finest instructors in the College. The awardee received a $1,000 honorarium. 
Awardee: Amy Stackhouse, Ph.D., associate professor, English Department


The Academic Innovation Grants Program provides additional opportunities for the development, dissemination and implementation of creative ideas in pedagogy and classroom experience, use of digital learning, curriculum development, scholarship, student support/success, and other entrepreneurial activities. The intent is to support academic excellence through innovation, within a variety of academic disciplines, by providing resources and incentives for start-up activities that are aligned with or contemplated within the strategic plan.
This year, two awards for $5,000 each have been allocated for this purpose.
1.) Anna Clark, Ph.D., assistant professor, English  
Project title: Teaching Digital Primary-Source Research: A Module for English and Core Courses
2.) Paolina Centonze, Ph.D., assistant professor, Computer Science
Project title: Achieving the National Centers of Academic Excellence Designation of a CAE-Cyber Operations


The mission of the Iona College Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is to foster student-faculty collaborations on scholarly and creative projects that take place during the summer. The SURE Program provides students with an in-depth experience of working as a junior collaborator with a faculty member on a project of the faculty member’s choosing, with the understanding that the students will be credited as co-authors of any juried presentations, publications, or creative works or performances resulting from SURE projects. Both faculty and student participants receive summer stipends to support their work on SURE projects.
For summer 2015, $28,750 from the Endowed Faculty Excellence Fund and an additional $33,250 from the Special Two-Year Fund for Academic Initiatives have been allocated to support SURE projects. Each award supports a student-faculty research pair or team working collaboratively on a summer research or creative project that is projected to result in a juried conference presentation, publication, exhibition or performance shared by the student and faculty member. Each faculty member received a stipend of up to $3,000, and each student received a stipend of $2,750 for his or her work on the team's SURE project. 
SURE Grants have been awarded to:
1.) Jennifer Gerometta, assistant professor, Speech Communications Studies
Project Title: Lexical Neighbors in Network Models of the Developing Mental Lexicon
Student: Alexa Rossi   Major: Speech Language Pathology - Class of 2016
2.) Chrissy Martins, Ph.D., assistant professor, Marketing and International Business
Project Title: Consumers’ Perceptions of Non-GMO Labeled Food Products
Student: Cassandra Gill   Major:  Marketing - Class of 2016
3.) Joseph Ryan, Ph.D., assistant professor, Chemistry* 

Project Title: Refining a Multifunctional Nanoparticle Delivery Vector: Examining Organic Heterobifunctional Linkers
Student: Jake Villanova   Major: ACS Chemistry - Class of 2016
Project Title: Refining a Multifunctional Nanoparticle Delivery Vector: Using Polymers to Transport Otherwise Insoluble Drugs
Student: Zach Snopkowski   Major: ACS Chemistry - Class of 2016 
Project Title: Refining a Multifunctional Nanoparticle Delivery Vector: Genetic and Protein Engineering of Enzymatically-Responsive Ferritin
Student: Samantha Leggio   Major: Biology - Class of 2016 
Project: Refining a Multifunctional Nanoparticle Delivery Vector: Engineering a Protein-Polymer Hybrid Nanocage
Student: James Schneider   Major Biology - Class of 2016
Project: Refining a Multifunctional Nanoparticle Delivery Vector: Engineering Multifunctionality
Student: Taylor Ilasi   Major: Biology - Class of 2016
4.) Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D., professor, Religious Studies
Project Title: Wisdom Literature and Qu’ ran: Comparison and Dialogue
Student: Ashley Hubaykah   Major: Religious and International Studies - Class of 2016
5.) Joseph Stabile, Ph.D., professor, Biology, and Kathleen Kristian, Ph.D., assistant professor, Chemistry**
Project Title: Determination of Copper Pollution in the Biota of Echo Bay, New Rochelle
Student: Gunner Hansen   Major: Biology - Class of 2016
6.) Dorothy Leone, Ph.D., assistant professor, Speech Communication Studies
Project Title: Considering Dialectal Differences While Assessing Children’s Language
Student: Tiffany Henderson   Major: Speech-Language and Internal Studies - Class of 2016
7.) Cathy Lavery, Ph.D., associate professor, Criminal Justice
Project Title: Crime Scene Investigations Tactics and an Examination of Offender Typologies with Violent Crime Investigation: An Analysis of Relevant Evidence-based Practices and Investigating Training
Student: Jamal Jackson   Major:  Criminal Justice - Class of 2016
8.) James Stillwaggon, Ph.D., associate professor, Education
Project Title: Whose Losses, Whose literature? Traumatic Loss and Melancholic Attachment in the Literature of Early Childhood.
Student: Alyssa Messina  Major: Early Childhood/Childhood Education - Class of 2016
*Dr. Ryan received $3,000 for supervising these projects, and each student  received $2,750.