Iona College provides identity theft protection to all of our full time employees free of charge.

Credit Protection Services by Identity Force™ is a 360 program that uses prevention, detection, restoration and reimbursement tools to stop identity thieves cold. Credit Protection Services by Identity Force™ provides maximum protection to shield you before anyone can steal your identity.

You must activate your account to be fully protected

  1. Read about the benefits below and activate your secure account. Your seven-digit Employee/PeopleSoft identification is required to gain access to the system. Once you complete this step you will be fully protected from the financial harm that can be caused by identity theft and data breaches.
  2. Faculty and Staff who do not activate their accounts will automatically receive limited protection including Restoration services, Reimbursement services, and the Identity Force Guarantee. However, these services do not stop identity theft; they only help you recover from it.

Overview of Identity Theft Protection Benefits
(after you activate your account with Identity Force)

Prevention Services to create a firewall around your identity
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Internet Monitoring and Deletion
  • Identity Firewall
  • Stop Junk Mail
Detection Services to proactively inform you of activity:
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Credit Card Monitoring
  • Credit Report Monitoring
  • 3-in-1 Credit Reports
  • Credit Scores
Restoration Services to clear your good name:
  • Credit Card Registry
  • Online Identity Theft Assistance
  • Fraud Resolution Specialists
  • Identity Restoration Advocate
Reimbursement Services to make you whole:
  • Identity Theft Insurance If you become a victim of identity theft, you will be reimbursed up to $25,000 for certain out of pocket expenses and lost wages.
Identity Force Guarantee:
  • Identity Force protects you with its unlimited service guarantee. If your personal information is used without your consent while you are an Identity Force member, it will do whatever it takes to return your identity to its original condition.