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Strategic Plan

In conjunction with the institution’s strategic plan, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning will build and implement the necessary infrastructure to become a valuable solution provider for strategic, institutional, operational analytics, and accreditation research. In the first year, the IT and OIEP concentrated efforts on building the infrastructure of institutional research in order to permanently secure the integrity of data reported to external agents and to develop the necessary internal resources to support a variety of research subjects and methodologies. To support planning and effectiveness, the OEIP contributed revisions to the annual program review process intended to enhance knowledge of academic programs resources and their effectiveness progressing Iona students to degree.

In the second year, in collaboration with IT, OIEP will focus on the advancement of knowledge management strategies to more effectively disseminate institutional research data, reporting tools, strategic reports, and effectiveness studies to decision-makers and stakeholders in the College. To support the strategic plan, the OIEP will work with the President’s Cabinet and action item teams to define metrics and attainable goals within the next five years in support of the institution’s comprehensive strategic plan. The OEIP plans to guide the development of a research-driven retention management system to better identify risky absences and unanticipated academic outcomes among freshmen and sophomores. In essence, OIEP will focus on building the infrastructure for better planning.

By the third year, OIEP aspires to become a valuable research partner to all constituents who seek to advance the mission of Iona College, strive to uphold the values of accountability for student outcomes, and pursue continuous improvement on behalf of our constituents and stakeholders at Iona College. With the research and planning framework in place, OIEP will be better positioned to design effectiveness studies to determine how best to sustain and enhance the continuous improvements initiated by our renewed dedication to the Iona College way during the past two years.