Scope & Mission

Statement of Purpose as originally conceived in 1966

"The Iona Journal of Pastoral Counseling aims at providing a forum for the exchange of broad ideas and information on Pastoral Counseling. It publishes articles written from the various perspectives of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling and guidance, clinical sociology, cultural anthropology, pastoral ministry, theology, etc... It strives at promoting better understanding of man as a total Gestalt, that is as an existential being, whose nature simultaneously includes and consistently transcends biologic, psychologic, psychodynamic and sociocultural dimensions and whose understanding can best be approached through a holistic, multifaceted, interdisciplinary posture. The Journal has been conceived and operates within the frame of reference of Pastoral Counseling. The rationale for his is our belief that the Pastoral Counselor often has the unique opportunity to approach man from a truly holistic perspective, for in the trained Counselor one often finds that harmonious integration of psychological, sociologic, spiritual the theological concepts which may be instrumental in achieving the holistic posture."
(Journal of Pastoral Counseling vol.1, no.1 1966)

Current Statement of Purpose

We have somewhat modified our aims in publishing this journal to now include Family Counseling. Currently, the narrative movement within therapy has caught our attention. A narrative context seems to best fit our desire to continually broaden and deepen context when either theorizing or working with clients. The journal continues to reach for interdisciplinary connections and interpretations when attempting to understand human behavior and thought. The word "pastoral" besides its pragmatic definition, seems to imply a spiritual resiliency sought in our striving for understanding.