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The Shakespeare Newsletter was founded in 1951 by Professor Louis Marder, who had developed the journal into a widely-read Shakespearean resource by the time he retired as Professor of English at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle. Published at Iona College since 1991, it is now co-edited by Thomas J. Moretti, Thomas Pendleton and John Mahon.

The Shakespeare Newsletter reaches 37 countries and every continent, with more than 2,000 subscribers. Many of the subscribers are libraries around the world. Every issue includes news, book reviews, brief critical essays, summaries of journal articles, etc. Regular features include "Table of Contents" (brief reviews of current books in the field), "Review of Periodicals," and "Talking Books." The journal also notes the passing of famous Shakespeare critics and performers, offers the occasional Shakespeare quiz, and provides information about various conferences at home and abroad. The Newsletter now provides at least 120 pages annually of news and ideas.

Subscribers also receive occasional Extra Issues free of charge. In 1996 we published Bernice W. Kliman's edition of The Enfolded "Hamlet," and in 1997 subscribers received "About What You Will Much Like It," a collection of three classic essays by Harold Jenkins on three romantic comedies. Included are his essays on As You Like It and Twelfth Night as well as, for the first time, Professor Jenkins's 1982 lecture on Much Ado About Nothing. These Extra Issues, along with all the issues published at Iona (beginning with Volume XLI, number 4, Winter 1991), are available for $4 each.

Every issue includes the kind of news Shakespeareans have come to expect from the Newsletter, such as "Shakespeare by the Pound: A Consumer Report" or a report on the so-called Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare.

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