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Chemistry Students Display Latest Research at the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society

New Rochelle, NY (October 30, 2013) Sixteen Iona chemistry undergraduate research students attended, and seven poster presentations were made, at the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This event was held in New Haven, CT on Saturday, October 26. Each year ACS hosts an annual regional symposium of the latest chemical research that reflects the diverse professional interests in their geographic regions.
The student attendees were, seniors Peter Vitale, Rosario Giacomini, Jaclyn Robustelli, Donika Kabashi, Kristin Ferencz, Jennifer Barajas, Gregory Badura; juniors  Michelle Muzzio, Omoakhe Tisor, Scott Friedbauer; sophomores, Peter Milianta, Sean Campbell, Geoffrey Cawley, Melissa Morales, Jacqueline Martinez, and New Rochelle High School student David Lopez.
They were accompanied by their chemistry faculty mentors, Dr. Thomas Castonguay, Dr. Kathleen Kristian, Dr. Sunghee Lee and Dr. Joseph Ryan.
It is expected that much of the research presented at the meeting will be published in peer-reviewed professional scientific journals.