CAP Admissions

Attending students: If you are already a student at Iona College, then the first step of the application process will be to contact the College Assistance Program (CAP) by visiting our office (Amend Hall, Room 204). We will discuss the requirements of the program and answer any questions you have about the services we offer.

Students who are applying to Iona College: You need to apply to BOTH the College and to CAP separately, but simultaneously. Applicants should submit a general Iona College application as per the directions and deadlines given by the Office of Admissions. While families are completing that portion of the process, they can also begin applying to CAP.

  • CAP Early Action application deadline is December 1. CAP will consider these applicants immediately, providing applicants have met CAP requirements, submitted all necessary documentation, and have applied to the college.
  • CAP Regular application deadline is February 15. Any applicant submitting materials after this deadline may be subject to postponement for the coming year because space is limited.
All students who are interested in applying to the program must submit:
  1. A completed CAP application (i.e., our 20 question form)
  2. Character and ability recommendations (both the "check-off form" and "additional letters"); done by 2 school counselors or resource room teachers.
    • If schools prohibit employees from filling out the "check-off" portion, then the letters of recommendation MUST reference ALL of the character and ability categories that are noted on the recommendation form
  3. Documentation should include an IEP from high school (if you have one) or a 504 plan (if you have one)
  4. Recent (no older than 2 years) ADULT psycho-educational report or neuro-psychological report
    • This report should include Achievement Testing Results (i.e., standard testing for reading, writing and mathematics skills). The report must include the scores and the interpretative. Acceptable examples are the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WAIT) or the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement (WJ-III)
    • Cognitive/ Aptitude Results (i.e., full scale IQ testing including subscales, index scores, and an adequate report). The report must include the scores and the interpretative. Examples are the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) or the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Ability (WJ-III). The WASI is NOT acceptable.
  5. If you have AD/HD submit the AD/HD Verification Certificate (this is a separate form filled out by a credentialed and licensed professional). You may request this form from our office, or download it from the Iona website (under academic resources)
  6. Official high school transcript from ALL schools attended
  7. SAT or ACT scores
  8. Official attendance report from ALL high schools attended
All information should be sent directly to the College Assistance Program care of the Director to:

College Assistance Program
Amend Hall, Room 204
Iona College
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Fax: (914) 633-2011

Review Process

Once CAP has all of the required documentation it is objectively reviewed by the Director, Assistant Director, Program Counselor, and Learning Specialists in order to determine program eligibility (i.e., if you are a good fit for the program). If the professional staff determines that you may be a good fit for the program you will be required to come in for an interview with our team, and you must bring a parent/guardian. Once the interview is complete, CAP will let you know if you have been accepted into the program. Students that are not accepted into the program (but have proper documentation) may receive testing accommodations via the Rudin Center.

Accepted Students that are incoming freshman must respond with the deposit by May 2

Accepted Students that are transfers must respond by the designated date given.

Download CAP's Forms