Lory Jololian
Mental Health Counseling (Class of 2014)

"Attending the Iona College Career Fair was a not a good, but a GREAT decision. I was connected to a handful of employers within my field and ended up securing several interviews. Three weeks later, I have two job opportunities as a direct result. At first, I was concerned I would not find opportunities geared towards graduate students. I quickly discovered, however, that the majority of companies are looking to fill a variety of positions, ranging from internships and summer positions to part-time and full time employment. I highly recommend attending the career fair - you will not be disappointed!"

Megan Abate
B.A. Management

"Career Development truly gave me an immense amount of guidance and assistance when it came to creating my resume and obtaining an internship. I cannot thank them enough for hosting Meet a Mentor, an event that helped me to get the best internship I could have asked for. Even after the event, they were simply a phone call or e-mail away, helping me each step of the way. Thank you all again for everything you have done.”

Rita Valvano
B.B.A. in Finance

“Career Development has been very helpful in assisting me with my resume and preparing me for my interviews with employers. In preparation for the Career Fair, I went to Career Development for some advice and suggestions on my resume. After attending the Career Fair, I was then chosen and selected to interview with IBM, where the office also offered support by setting up a mock interview so that I could feel comfortable and prepared. I ended up succeeding past the first interview and was chosen to go on a phone interview. Once again, Career Development has helped assure me that I was prepared. Overall, I ended up receiving an offer to join IBM as a Co-op starting in the summer and accepted the position. Thanks to Career Development, I was able to feel reassured and at ease throughout the process. The office was very friendly and supportive each step of the way!”

Richard A. Marenco Jr.
B.B.A. in Marketing

“I just wanted to thank you in helping me to prepare for my interview.  And I also wanted to let you know that I got the internship with them!  Your coaching has helped me a great deal, thank you again!”

Rachel Nachtrieb
B.A. in Education

“Greetings from Chengdu, China (hometown of the Giant Panda--refer to the picture), I hope everything is going well in the Career Development Center!! I miss you all!! I had to write and tell you some exciting news!! Your work, talent, and expertise is currently touching over 100 Chinese University students!! Last semester I was teaching two Catholic Sisters and studying Chinese full time but this semester I am also teaching Oral English and reading at Beihua University!! When I got the book for my oral English class I was super stoked to find out it was about job interview skills!! So I am teaching an eight week course on preparing for English job interviews and I am using everything I learned from you all! I am even teaching them to write resumes!! I wanted to thank you for all you have taught me and know it is being put to good use in China!!”

Rosa Tillcurima
M.A. in Spanish

“I can’t even express enough how thankful I am for all your guidance and help with my resume and cover letters.  I know all that you do for me will make a difference in my life in the future.  Thank you so much for everything.” 

Nicholas Mastroddi
B.B.A. in Marketing

“The career development office has been consistent with helping me to improve my resume. There's no way I would have been able to make my resume without the assistance of the career development staff. I would also strongly suggest to anyone that is making or editing their resume to stop by for advisement on how to do so. In my time at Iona the career development office has helped me the most in regards to my future.”

Emily Schneider
B.B.A. in Marketing

"I have to say, without the Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development I would not be on the path that I am headed on today. Beyond the incredible services they offer, they are dedicated, committed, and have a genuine desire to see their students succeed. Each and every one of the advisors offers a wealth of knowledge and years of professional experience. On top of being amazing career coaches, they all have a wonderful sense of humor and are easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Career Development to everyone I know.

Thank you Chris, Phyllis, Keith, Devon, Darelle, and Cindy for all of your love and caring support throughout the years! Through the mentoring each of you provided, I have gained the confidence to know I can walk into any professional atmosphere and make a meaningful contribution."