Undergraduate International Business Major


The Hagan school offers an interdisciplinary business major in International Business leading to the BBA degree. The program in International Business is designed to prepare students for careers in the increasingly interdependent global environment.

The objective of the program is to give equal weight to all of the major business areas of economics, finance, management and marketing in an international context, and thereby to provide the students with a broad foundation of knowledge which is applicable to large and small organizations serving domestic as well as global markets. 

Course Requirements

All college core requirements (54 credits) and liberal arts electives (9 credits), 
the general business core (36 credits) and electives (6 credits), 
plus the seven following courses (21 credits):

  • BEC 325 - Dimensions of International Business
the three following Major courses:
  • FIN 333 - Global Finance
  • MKT 414 - International Marketing
  • MNG 414 - International Management
and three of the following:
  • BLW 415 - International Business Law
  • FIN 436 - International Financial Management
  • FIN 437 - International Financial Markets and Banking
  • MKT 350 - Global Fashion Marketing
  • MKT 360 - Global Entertainment Marketing
  • MKT 371 - Global Internet Marketing
  • MKT 385 - Global Green Marketing
  • MKT 416 - International Advertising
  • MKT 418 - Import and Export Management
  • MNG 415 - International Human Resource Management

Note: MKT 406 - Current Issues in Marketing can count as an International Business elective when the topic is "global" in scope.

International Business Major Course Checklist

This worksheet should be used in conjunction with your PeopleSoft transcript and International Business Major Plan of Study (also referred to as a "bubble sheet"). 
Click here to open checklist
Click here for blank plan of study


Students interested in International Business are strongly encouraged to develop fluency in one or more foreign languages, though this is not part of the required program. It is also recommended that students interested in this program make every effort to participate in the "Iona Study Abroad" program for one semester.


The International Business faculty sponsor a credit-bearing internship program in selected organizations in which students are expected to take part in projects and organizational decision-making situations relating to international business. Contact the departments of Finance, Management or Marketing for more information about these opportunities.

International Business Club

The IB Club meets regularly and offers students opportunities to engage in career-related and social activities. Guest speakers, field trips and networking with other majors enhance the learning experience. Prof. Katherine Kinkela is the faculty moderator for the International Business Club. For more information, email Prof. Kinkela.