Day Classes Cancelled

Thursday, March 5, 2015: All day classes cancelled and administrative offices closed due to inclement weather. A decision on evening classes will be announced at 3 p.m.


Welcome to the Advisement Center - Our goal is to help you achieve your goals!

Student Services, Hagan Room H105 - (914) 633-2256/2257

Advisement is mandatory prior to registration every semester for all matriculated students.
Students wishing to take advantage of the Advance Registration dates should get advised as soon as possible.

  • Freshmen in the Hagan School of Business are assigned to a Faculty Advisor.
  • Undeclared Majors are advised in the Dean's Office.
  • Business students on academic probation are advised in the Dean's office.
  • Declared majors are advised by major departmental faculty.
  • Returning Adult business students are advised in the Dean's Office. 

Hagan Freshmen- First Year Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Warren Adis (914) 637-2776 wadis@iona.edu
Prof. William Bottiglieri (914) 633-2655 wbottiglieri@iona.edu
Dr. Shoshana S. Altschuller (914) 633-2407 saltschuller@iona.edu
Dr. Andrew Braunstein (914) 633-2081 abraunstein@iona.edu
Dr. Kurt Engemann (914) 633-2551 kengemann@iona.edu
Dr. Joseph Ford (914) 633-2621 jford@iona.edu
Dr. Nyo Nyo Kyaw (914) 633-2269 nkyaw@iona.edu
Dr. John Manley (914) 633-2733 jmanley@iona.edu
Dr. Eleni Mariola (914) 633-2504 emariola@iona.edu
Dr. John Meyer (914) 633-2189 jmeyer@iona.edu
Prof. Eric Moscato (914) 633-2129 emoscato@iona.edu
Prof. Patrick Reville (914) 637-2780 preville@iona.edu
Dr. Robert Richardson (914) 637-7726 rrichardson@iona.edu
Dr. Susan Rozensher   srozensher@iona.edu
Dr. Oredola Soluade   osoluade@iona.edu


Undeclared Majors & Academic Probation:

Please call (914) 633-2256 to make an appointment, or stop by the Hagan Student Services Office. 

Declared Majors: 

Departmental walk-in advisement hours for all majors are posted on the counter in the Hagan Student Services office (or call 914-633-2256).

Accounting Dr. H. Ryan (914) 633-2527
Business Administration Prof. H. McCabe (914) 633-2631
Finance Dr. A. Shetty (914) 633-2284
Information Systems Dr. R. Richardson (914) 637-7726
International Business Dr. F. Rudell (914) 637-2748
Management Prof. H. McCabe (914) 633-2631
Marketing Dr. F. Rudell (914) 637-2748
Returning Adult Business Students Ms. Patti Ingraham Please call (914) 633-2256 to make an appointment, or stop by the Hagan Student Services Office.