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Faronics Insight is available in Ryan Library Classrooms 201, 202, 308

Insight can be used to control student computers. You can show the instructor's computer on all student computers and much more.

Quick Tips

Students don't see Teacher Screen: Right-click on Insight icon in taskbar. Choose Show Teacher Screen from quick menu. Still doesn't work? Restart computer.

Student signs in after you being Showing Teacher: Stop sharing Teacher Screen by clicking Show Teacher icon. Click icon again.

How to Turn Faronics Insight On

Look for small Insight icon in taskbar (bottom right of screen). Click the icon to bring up the Insight Console. It is also located under Start > All Programs.

Show Teacher Screen

Click the Show Teacher Screen icon. Students will now see exactly what is on your screen, and cannot control their computers. Repeat to stop showing your screen and give control back to students.

Blank Student Screens

Click Blank Screens icon. Students will receive a message to look up front and cannot use their computers. Release computers by pressing Blank Screen again.

Limit Web Access

Click Limit Web icon. Students can use computers, but cannot use Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

Poll Students

Click the Vote icon and enter a question. If multiple choice, type possible answers in the question box. Students answer on their computers, and you will see responses in real time.

Monitor Students' Computer Activity

Click View All icon to see exactly what is on each student's screen. You can also perform actions like sending messages or blanking screen to all students. Or choose one or more student screens to perform actions on only some computers.


Faronics Insight can do much more: take online tests, show one student screen to rest of class, allow students to use only one application, control a student's mouse, record a list of all students in the classroom. View the full manual from Faronics »