The Iona College Honors Program attracts the most able and highly motivated students at the College and challenges them to develop their talents and stretch their capabilities. Grounded in an interdisciplinary, rigorous curriculum marked by an accelerated course of study, students in the Honors Program embody Iona's mission, the mission of the Christian Brothers, and Catholic Higher education.

In support of these traditions, the Honors Program seeks to help students...

  • attain the highest levels of academic achievement and intellectual growth
  • develop the skills and qualities of mind intrinsic to a liberal education (i.e., abstract reasoning, critical thinking, textual analysis).
  • become independent and creative scholars in a field of inquiry
  • foster social and ethical awareness, as well as leadership skills, through participation in and service to the community
  • prepare for a range of post-graduate endeavors, including graduate and professional schools, corporate sector jobs, service professions, and volunteer work.

Honors Program students achieve their goals with the support of the Program Director, creative faculty, and intellectually challenging mentors.

Rev. December 2010