Students will have service learning opportunities whereby students act as direct peer tutors and mentors to college and high school students.

Undergraduates who have engaged in research have learned first hand the skills necessary not only to conduct experiments successfully, but also how to balance the demands of coursework with the time commitments of research. Peer mentors in The Patrick J. Martin Honors Program have the opportunity to share what they have learned with freshmen.

Peer-tutor and Teaching Assistant Program

Students can expand their depth and scope of learning, via peer-teaching opportunities for science majors. Peer-teaching opportunities will include (1) peer tutors for foundational level science courses and mathematics students and (2) student laboratory teaching assistants (TA) for upper level science courses. This will enhance overall learning experiences for all students, as well as tutors and TAs involved in this experiences. The benefits of working as both a peer tutor and a laboratory teaching assistant will have a profound effect on learning and mastery of the material, as well as the enhanced interpersonal and communication skills that peer tutoring promotes.

Current successful programs include:

  • Breakfast at Cornelia Peer Tutors Program
    Breakfast at Cornelia is a drop-in peer tutoring session for students in general chemistry or organic chemistry. Students enrolled in these courses can drop in for help with coursework, provided by advanced chemistry majors serving as peer tutors. The focus in these sessions is driven by student questions and concerns; the tutors do not prepare review materials in advance or present a particular topic.

Tutors for STEP and CSTEP Program

Iona's STEP (Science & Technology Entry Program) and CSTEP (Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program) is funded by the New York State Education Department, Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access, to increase the number of underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students who pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and health-related fields, as well as professional licensure.

Students will act as student advisors to guide STEP and CSTEP students during the academic year program for project oriented science instruction with laboratory and tutoring.

The Ambassador for The Patrick J. Martin Honors Program

The goal of the Ambassador Program is to promote The Patrick J. Martin Honors Program by sending Iona students to share the benefits of the program with their former science teachers and their classes. Ambassadors give poster presentations or brief talks about their research and provide information about The Patrick J. Martin Honors Program program.