Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information contact:

Dr. George Mangiero
Director, Study Abroad
Professor Robin Tedesco

Associate Director, Study Abroad

  • What are the costs of the programs?

    The costs vary year-to-year depending on the type of program offered.

    For instance, the semester programs in Ireland and Australia are identical in cost to the tuition, room and board, and fees at Iona. Students attending semester programs simply pay their regular bill to Iona. Airfare is not included.

    Interested students should email the Study Abroad Office for the most updated information regarding costs and payment schedules.

  • What is included in the costs of the summer programs?

    The cost of the summer programs is not covered by semester tuition. It includes Iona summer tuition, which varies yearly, and a program fee, which covers accommodation, airport transfers, tours, and some meals.
  • What is not included in the costs of the programs?

    Airfare, independent travel, personal spending money. Most meals are not included in the costs of the programs.
  • Do Financial Aid and scholarships apply to the programs?

    All financial aid and scholarships will apply only to semester programs
  • Where do students live while studying abroad?

    Students live in either apartments or traditional dormitory-style residences. Living arrangements vary from program to program. Interested students should email the Study Abroad office for specific information.
  • Do Iona professors accompany students abroad?

    Iona professors accompany and lead students abroad on our summer and spring break programs. The Director of Study Abroad annually visits students studying in our year-long and semester locations.
  • Can non-Iona students study abroad on Iona programs?

    Yes! Non-Iona students are most welcome in most of our programs and follow the same application process as matriculated Iona students. Non-Iona applicants must simply fill out one additional form to be signed by the respective officials at their home institution
  • How should students bring money abroad?

    Our office suggests that students use debit and credit cards while abroad. ATM machines are easy to use and readily available. Students must inform their banks and credit card companies that they will be studying abroad for a particular amount of time so as to avoid card deactivation. Additionally, students make inquiries to the bank regarding possible daily withdrawal limits and withdrawal fees for debit card accounts. Our office does not recommend that students bring cash or traveler's checks abroad.
  • Do students need to take cell phones abroad?

    Our office requires that students have a cell phone while studying abroad. Students are free to buy their own international plan or purchase local phones and SIM cards in their respective study abroad locations. Our office also suggests that students use the company Piccell Wireless to rent international phones and SIM cards that can be used at very low rates while studying abroad.
  • Are students required to have health insurance?

    Yes. Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all participants in Iona's study abroad programs. Specifically, all students are required to enroll in Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), designed for study abroad programs.