Cancellation Policy

Iona College Study Abroad, under the supervision of the Office of the Provost and the Director of Study Abroad, offers diverse opportunities for educational experiences of study and travel to students in Iona's undergraduate and graduate programs. Such programs maintain high academic quality in course offerings and provide reasonable arrangements for travel and lodging. Iona College is not responsible for aspects that are beyond its control such as guaranteeing the safety of participants or eliminating all risks from the study abroad environment. Program participants should obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage, including trip cancellation insurance.

Iona College will be guided by the US State Department in determining safety and risk factors that may lead to the cancellation of a planned Study Abroad program. If the US State Department issues a Travel Warning or Public Announcement for a country where Iona is conducting a Study Abroad program, the Provost and the Director of Study Abroad will direct the program coordinator to cancel the program, if such warning or announcement is received prior to departure. If there is a Travel Warning issued while the program is already in progress, the Provost and the Director of Study Abroad will direct the coordinator to make arrangements to bring the group back to the United States as soon as possible. If there is a Public Announcement while the program is in progress, the coordinator will be advised of the announcement and will inform participants to take precautions that are reasonable and possible.

If there are no Travel Warnings or Public Announcements prior to the trip, but the coordinator of the program feels that it is unsafe to travel, he/she should advise the Director of Study abroad and the Provost accordingly and make a recommendation whether or not to cancel the program. It is expected that if there is concrete evidence of unsafe conditions and the coordinator feels strongly that it is unsafe, the program should not proceed.

If a Study Abroad program is cancelled, all deposits should be returned to participants, as much as can be done. The program coordinator will work also to obtain refunds for airline tickets or re-issuance of tickets as may be possible. (To avoid losses, all participants should purchase trip cancellation insurance for international flights.)


Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid a certain country.

Public Announcements are issued to disseminate information quickly about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term conditions that pose significant risks or disruptions to Americans.