Faculty Development & Travel Policy Statement

  1. Those members of the faculty presenting papers at conferences will receive the highest level of support. Junior faculty members will be given preference over senior faculty members with tenure. The committee strongly feels that junior faculty need the highest level of support to be visible and to publish. It is also assumed that senior faculty members should be established in their field and their travel expenses will sometimes be covered by external funding sources.
  2.  Those members of the faculty chairing conference sessions, serving as organization officers will receive a lower level of support. Officers in major organizations should be compensated for their travel by the organization. Please ask your organization to consider such compensation. We will continue to sponsor those who do not receive any compensation, or to cover the balance of those who do receive partial compensation.
  3.  The maximum amounts are (effective 8/1/2014):
    Conference Presentation
    1. Up to $1500 (domestic)
    2. Up to $2000 (international)
    All other
    1. Up to $1000
  4.  All original receipts for reimbursement must be submitted to Cristine Cordi in the Dean’s Office within 60 days of the conference end date.  Reimbursement for conferences held in May or June must be submitted by June 15.
  5.  Please be very specific as to the date and exact location of the conference. Make sure that you include the name and website for the sponsoring organization. All applications to the Faculty Development & Travel Committee must be submitted electronically using the online type-in form.  PDF files will no longer be accepted.
  6. Funds requests for Faculty Development will no longer be accepted by this committee.  Please contact the Dean’s Office for these requests.
  7.  Travel to meetings for the purpose of program accreditation is funded from another source. Please have your chair contact the Dean directly.
  8. Do not include membership renewal fees in your faculty travel request.  Membership renewal fees should be submitted to your Department Chair.  See Section 9.14 of the Faculty Handbook for additional information. 
Please contact Greg Selitto at or ext. 2397 if you have any questions.

FDT Committee

  • Greg Selitto, Committee Chair, Mathematics
  • Penelope Moore, Social Work
  • Jeanne Zaino, Political Science