Peter M. Letourneau, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology-Environmental Science

BA, Geology, Ricker College, ME
MA, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wesleyan University, CT
M.Phil,  PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, NY

Dr. Letourneau studies the paleoenvironments, paleoclimate, and paleogeography of Triassic-Jurassic rift basins based on analysis of modern and ancient terrestrial sedimentary systems.  Working throughout the eastern seaboard, from Nova Scotia to the southeastern US, his main focus is on the environmental geology of the Connecticut Valley where he is currently studying the environmental history of the traprock ridge system.  Dr. Letourneau has made contributions to our understanding of the structural evolution and physical geography of continental rifts, the distribution of sandstone aquifers in ancient river and lake deposits, the origin of ancient aeolian sandstones, and lacustrine geochemistry.  As a professional environmental geologist, he has conducted site analyses, water quality and aquifer studies, and impact evaluations in wetlands and watercourses.  A dedicated teacher, Dr. Letourneau has a broad range of interests in STEM curriculum development, use of classroom technology, student-centered inquiry, and scientific literacy.