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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


College Core 49-50 Credits
Science Core 10-15
Major Prerequisites 17
Major Requirements 37
Open Electives 1-7
Total Credits 120

College Core

Course Title Credits
CS 201 Computer Science I 4
MTH 231 Calculus I 4
One laboratory-based sequence acceptable for major credit in Biology, Chemistry or Physics (such as BIO 101, CHM 109, PHY 101). 4-5

Science Core

Course Title Credits
One laboratory-based course acceptable for major credit in Biology, Chemistry or Physics to complete the sequence from the College Core. 4-5
Two (2) additional courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics 6-10
Total Science Core 10-15

Major Prerequisites

Course Title Credits
CS 202 Computer Science II 4
MTH 310 Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH 232 Calculus II 4
MTH 408 Automata and Formal Languages 3
MTH 432 Probability and Statistics 3
Total Major Prerequisites 17 Credits

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
CS 231 Programming in a UNIX Environment 3
CS 301 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CS 311 Computer Organization and Architecture 4
CS 321 Database Design and Implementation 3
CS 331 Theory of Programming Languages 3
CS 451 Operating Systems 3
CS 481 Software Project Development: Design 3
CS 482 Software Project Development: Implementation 3

Electives: Select Two Depth Electives

CS 411 Advanced Computer Organization and Architecture 3
CS 421 Advanced Topics in Database Systems 3
CS 431 Compiler Design 3
CS 452 Advanced Operating Systems 3
Total Depth Electives 6
One 300-400 Level CS Elective 3
One 400 Level CS Elective 3
Total Major Requirements 37 Credits

Open Electives 1-7 Credits

Total Credits 120 Credits

Index Requirement
CS 201, CS 202 and all other CS courses counted toward the major must be completed with a minimum grade of "C." To continue in the major, students who do not meet this requirement must repeat the course before taking any other course for which this course is a prerequisite.