Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Concentration in Cyber Security

Degree Requirements Number of Credits
College Core 61-63
Science Core 6-10
Major Prerequisites 17
Major Requirements 34
Major Electives 6
Total Credits 124-130

College Core
Course Number Course Name and Number of Credits
CS 201 Computer Science (4 credits)
MTH 134 or 231 ** Brief Calculus (3 credits)
Students with appropriate background will be advised to take MTH 231,CalculusI

Science Core
Course Name Number of Credits
2 additional Courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics 6-10 (credits)

Major Prerequisites
Course Number Course Name and Credits
CS 202 Computer Science II (4 credits)
MTH 310 Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)
MTH 232 Calculus II (4 credits)
MHT 408 Automata and Formal Languages (3 credits)
CS 409 Cryptography (3 credits)

Major Requirements
Course Number Course Name and Number of Credits
CS 231 Programming in a Unix Environment (3 credits)
CS 301 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (3 credits)
CS 311 Computer Organization (4 credits)
CS 315 Software Security (3 credits)
CS 321 Database Organization and Design (3 credits)
CS 331 Programming Languages (3 credits)
CS 451 Operating Systems (3 credits)
CS 481* Software Project Development: Design (3 credits)
CS 482* Software Project Development: Implementation (3 credits)

Security Electives (2 of the following)
Course Number Course Name and Number of Credits
CS 422 Database Security (3 credits)
CS 472 Web Security (3 credits)
CS 474 Mobile Application Security (3 credits)
CS 477 Networking Security (3 credits)
Also select 2 Electives in the Major 6 (credits)
* Software Project in CS 481-CS 482 will be a security project
Index Requirement:
CS 201, CS 202 and all other courses counted toward the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.  To continue in the major, students who fail to earn a grade of “C” or better in a required course must repeat that course before taking additional courses.