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Co-inventor of two new patents

Dr. Paolina Centonze, Computer Science, is a co-inventor of two new patents:

  1. Patent No. 8,346,595: Mondher Ben-Hamida, Chad Boucher, Paolina Centonze, Mary E. Helander, Kaan Katircioglu, and Karthik Sourirajan. A Carbon Management Method and System for Sourcing and Logistics. Granted as Patent No. 8,346,595 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, January 2013. 
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  2. Patent No. 8,332,939: Paolina Centonze and Marco Pistoia. System and Method for the Automatic Identification of Subject-Executed Code and Subject-Granted Access Rights. Granted as Patent No. 8,332,939 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, December 2012.
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Both patents are owned by IBM Corporation, and were recently granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. For this work, Dr. Centonze received a Patent Issue Award from IBM.