MS in Criminal Justice

Core Courses (3 credits each)
CRJ 505 Criminal Justice and the Constitution
CRJ 510 History of the Criminal Justice System
CRJ 515 Computers and Criminal Justice
CRJ 620 Professional Standards & Ethics in
Criminal Justice
CRJ 850 Database Systems for Criminal Justice
Total   15 credits

Electives (3 credits each)

Select five courses from the folllowing three areas:

CRJ 650 Advanced Psychology of Criminal Behavior
CRJ 655 Advanced Deviant Behavior
CRJ 660 Advanced Criminology
CRJ 665 Corrections
CRJ 997 Profiling Violent Crimes & Offenders
Criminal Justice System
CRJ 630 Victimology
CRJ 750 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ 755 Criminal Justice and the Community
CRJ 760 Administration and Organizational Behavior in Criminal Justice
CRJ 765 Criminal Law, Evidence and Ethics
CRJ 820 Forensic Health Issues, The Law & The Criminal Justice System
Computer Applications
CRJ 855 Systems Analysis for Criminal Justice
CRJ 860 Capstone: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
15 Credits

Thesis or Computer-Based Project:
CRJ 950 Thesis/Computer Based Research
CRJ 860 Computer-based Statistical Methods in Criminal Justice
15 Credits
CRJ 950 Thesis/Computer Based Research
CRJ 951 Thesis Project
3 credits

Total: 33 Credits