Research & Publications

 Student Accomplishments

  • On April 17th, the Economics Club headed into NYC to visit an investment management firm, the Finance Museum, and the NYSE.  The students met with managing partners, traders, and analysts of a $12 billion investment firm to better understand the role of capital allocation and financial intermediation.  The Museum of American Finance, located on Wall Street, provided a historical context for NY as a financial center.  Finally, the club headed to the stock exchange for a tour and the closing bell.
  • On April 24th, the Economics Club will host an alumni panel featuring a partner at Ernst & Young, an analyst at RBC capital markets, and a financial advisor.  The event will provide current students an opportunity to network with successful alumni and gain advice regarding the career planning process.
  • This past fall, five students participated in the Fed Challenge – an intercollegiate competition in which students work in teams to present an overview of the economy and describe a course for monetary policy at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. 
  • 6 (of 30) Economics majors interned at a broad array of firms including Morgan Stanley, Lincoln Financial, Siller & Cohen, Berkery & Noyes, and AEG.   An additional major spent AY2012-13 in the Blackfriar’s program at Oxford.

Faculty Accomplishments

  • Caitlin Greatrex’s article “Government Intervention and the CDS Market:  A Look at the Market’s Response to Policy Announcements During the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis” co-authored with Erick Rengifo of Fordham University was published in the Journal of Applied Finance, Volume 22, No. 1, 2012, pp. 44-56.