Jennifer Bacon, PhD

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Nicole Bacon earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland, College Park in December 2009. She received a Master of Education degree in Special Education from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from Mount Vernon College for Women.

Dr. Bacon is a former secondary special education inclusion and self-contained teacher. She also served as special education department chairperson. She is the author of "Culturally Responsive Poetry," featured in the Journal of Poetry Therapy and co-author of the article 'Examining Teachers' Beliefs about African American Male Students in a Low-Performing High School," featured in Teachers College Record. Dr. Bacon is the recipient of the 2010 Book-in-a-Day writing fellowship in Tuscany, Italy, the 2009 recipient of Poetry Alive and the 2008 recipient of the Pursue the Dream: Chris Mazza Grant Award for Poetry Therapy. She has been featured on Dialogue and Poet's Corner WPFW radio in Washington, DC. Dr. Bacon has participated in educational projects in the United States and Africa. Her research interest include the use of expressive therapies in special education, adolescent identity and development, global education and literacy, culturally responsive pedagogy, and African-American women's writing for empowerment and social change. Dr. Bacon's upcoming research discussions and presentations will be held at the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences and the Expressive Therapies Summit in the fall of 2011.