Stephanie Wexler-Robock

Assistant Professor, Clinical Lecturer

Ph.D., Language, Literacy, and Learning, Fordham University.

Dr. Wexler-Robock teaches courses in literacy, research, thesis writing, and adult learning. She established the Education Department's Center for Educational Excellence and Innovation in which she currently oversees departmental initiatives, including joint student-faculty assessment and evaluation projects with the larger New York community. With over 25 years of experience in evaluation, teaching, curriculum and program development, and counseling, she has designed and conducted qualitative and quantitative studies for a range of national, statewide, and local initiatives.

These include: reading and literacy, early childhood environments, policies, and practices, NSF technology grants, substance-abuse and violence prevention, career and technical education, nutrition and health literacy, out of school time programming, language assessment, positive youth development, higher and adult education, character education, gerontology, college preparatory programs, and financial literacy. She created instrumentation used in nation-wide pilot education research studies and nutrition literacy initiatives.

Dr. Wexler-Robock's research interests include the production, depletion, and impact of social capital in classroom/learning environments, development of self-perceptions as a learner, and school- career connections.

She was the director of research and development for a model drop-out prevention program, a senior organizational development consultant, and the founding director of a work-family institute. As a nationally certified counselor she has facilitated groups and teams, and has evaluated and designed college curricula and career education software. Dr. Wexler-Robock has authored numerous reports and articles, and presented at national and international conferences.