Fine and Performing Arts Minors

18 credits
Music, Dance, Theatre or Visual Arts
5 courses (15 credits) in area of concentration with specified courses
1 course (3 credits) in alternate area


Required courses
3-6 credits of either Music Appreciation, Music in World Cultures, History of Popular Music
3 credits Music Theory
6-9 credits, The Iona College Instrumental Ensemble
And 3 credits in dance, theatre or visual arts


Required courses
3-6 credits Modern Dance I, Choreography I, Ballet I, Jazz I
6-9 credits The Iona College Dance Ensemble
3-6 credits of either World Dance Forms, Women in Dance, Dance Appreciation, Dance Outreach
And 3 credits in music, theatre or visual arts


Required Courses
3-6 credits Acting I, Acting II, Intro to Theatre
3-6 credits, Theatre History: The Ancient Greek Theater to the Renaissance
Theatre History: The Renaissance to The Modern Theatre
6-9 credits, The Iona College Theatre Ensemble
And 3 credits in dance. music or visual arts

Visual Arts

Required Courses
6-9 credits in Art Appreciation, Women in Art, Modern Art in NYC Collections, Drawing and Painting I, Sculpture I, Digital Photography I6-9 credits in Drawing and Painting II, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, Intermediate Sculpture, Digital Photography II
And 3 credits in music, theatre or dance

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