BA/MA in History

The BA/MA in History allows a student to streamline their education and complete the Bachelors Degree and the Masters Degree in History in five years, rather than the six years it would ordinarily take to complete the degrees separately.

Beginning in the junior year, a student in the five-year combined BA/MA program will enroll, each semester, in a graduate class as their sixth course [a "normal" course load is five]. Moreover, in either the junior or senior year, the student will also enroll in a graduate class instead of one of their undergraduate elective courses in History. This class will count for both the BA and MA degree. After four years, the student will have earned their 120 credits necessary for the BA and they will have earned up to 15 credits toward an MA. In the fifth year, the student will then complete the remaining 15-18 graduate credits [5-6 courses].

To enter the program, students must have and maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA.