Graduate Programs

Core Courses - required for each degree (3 credits each):

MFT 509 Introduction/Overview of Marital and Family Therapy
MFT 510 Principles of Life Span Personality Development
MFT 531 Group Process in the Family
MFT 540 Fundamental Concepts of Psychiatry
MFT 551 Pre Practicum Seminar
MFT 630 Relational Psychopathology
MFT 740 Marital Therapy Seminar
MFT 741 Parenting
MFT 743 Human Sexuality
MFT 794 Family Approaches to Therapy
MFT 795 Marriage, Family, and Friendship Therapy
MFT 796 Symposium in Family Therapy
MFT 880 Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy
MFT 895 Research in Marriage and Family Therapy
MFT 990 Master's Project (No Credit)
42 Credits

Supervised Clinical Field Experience and Seminars - An extensive supervised clinical experience is required for each degree (3 Credits each):

MFT 6510-6520 Supervised Case Seminar 1
MFT 7510-7520 Supervised Case Seminar 2
MFT 6710-6720 Practicum - Field Placement 1
MFT 7710-7720 Practicum - Field Placement 2
MFT 8710-8720 Practicum - Certificate
12 Credits

Master's Project:

A written Master's Project is a requirement for all students. It is done under the supervision of a faculty member chosen at the end of the second year. The project is generally intended to facilitate the development of the emerging marriage and family therapist's philosophy of change and treatment. Students should consult with the Department Chairperson at the beginning of the year in which they will undertake the project and register for MFT 990, which bears no credit and carries no fee.
0 Credits

TOTAL - 54 Credits


Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of the program requirements - 54 credits - including the appropriate distribution of credits.
  2. A minimum of 3.0 G.P.A. (grade point average).
  3. Acceptance of the written Master's Project .
  4. All professional and clinical criteria established by the Department.
  5. All requirements must be completed within five years from the date of matriculation.