BA in Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics of Iona College offers and undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Mathematics. What can you do with mathematics? You can send a man to the moon, monitor the quality of work during a production process, encode and decode messages, predict the number of people that will have contracted a particular disease at some future date, simulate an alien landscape and much more. Mathematics is a powerful tool in many areas of human endeavor including science, business, politics and medicine. This program is designed to prepare students to meet the diverse quantitative needs of modern society. Majors in this program take courses in calculus, analysis, probability, statistics, mathematical modeling, discrete mathematics and quantitative courses outside the mathematics department.

The Program of Study

College Core *
57 credits
Arts Degree Core **
3 credits
Major Prerequisites
8 credits
Major Requirements
30 credits
Liberal Arts Electives
3 credits
Open Electives
19 credits

* BA Applied Math students take MTH 231, CS 201, PHY 101 and PHY 102 to satisfy the College Core.
** BA Applied Math students satisfy the Arts Degree Core by successfully completing a three credit offering of the Department of Fine Arts.

Major Prerequisite
  • MTH 232
  • Calculus II
  • MTH 233
  • Calculus III
Major Requirements
MTH 250
Linear Algebra
MTH 302
Differential Equations
MTH 310
Discrete Mathematics
MTH 432
Probability and Statistics I
MTH 433
Probability and Statistics II
MTH 441
Mathematical Modeling

One of the following:
MTH 411
Vector Analysis
MTH 415
Complex Variables

One of the following electives:
MTH 403
MTH 406
MTH 410
Advanced Calculus
MTH 421
Abstract Algebra

Two quantitative electives in an area of application (e.g. Computer Science, Business, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences). Chosen in consultation with the department chair.