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Student Outcomes

Primary Learning Outcomes for Students completing the BA degree in Sociology are:

  • LO1: To understand the different cultural values and norms that pervade human societies.
  • LO2: To understand the dynamic interaction of the individual and society.
  • LO3: To understand the research process and its importance to the study of culture and society.
  • LO4: To understand the complex relations between the social institutions of society.
  • LO5: To understand the ways in which humans define their situations on the basis of sexuality, gender, socioeconomic class, age, race, ethnic group, geographical region, family or nationality.
  • LO6: To understand the diversity in American society.
  • LO7: To understand the micro and macro processes of social change.
  • LO8: To understand the nuances of the major theoretical approaches to understanding the social world and the explanation of social phenomena.

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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Joseph Salvo
As director of the population division of the NYC Department of City Planning, for nearly two decades Dr. Salvo has aggressively pursued New Yorkers whom the Census Bureau missed in its official count or would not have found unless he told the bureau where to look. The city’s chief demographer, he, along with his staff, keeps other city agencies abreast of population trends.

Dr. Gregory Wilkinson
Gregory Wilkinson, M.D. is an American doctor in Haiti who saves lives.  A graduate of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), this Family Practitioner provides routine and emergency medical care to children and adults in impoverished communities in Haiti.  His Iona College Sociology degree enables him to treat his patients with an understanding of the social forces that shape the lives of individuals, families, and communities.