The Speaker's Center


The Speakers' Center is located at 18 President Street in the Department of Speech Communication where it offers a multitude of student and community services. Students and community members have the opportunity utilize this relaxed environment to work on:
  • Regional Dialect
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Speech Assignments
  • Accent Reduction


  • Regional Dialect Screenings and Education
  • Accent Screenings and Education
  • Communication Apprehension Screening and Workshops
  • Public Speaking Rehearsals
  • Actor/Actress Rehearsals
  • Business and Professional Speaking Coaching
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Faculty Workshops
  • Professional Speakers Series (sponsored in part by the Axe Houghton Foundation)
  • Accent Reduction
  • Community Workshops

The Speakers' Center is important to the department's majors as well as freshmen taking SCS 101, because it provides a place for students to explore and practice their unique communication styles. The center also provides consulting and communication services to the local community. Workshops and specialized communication-focused programs can be customized in order to facilitate the participants' goal of becoming stronger and more effective communicators.


The center has two locations: 18 President Street adjacent to the Main Campus; and Spellman Hall on campus. Both buildings are wheelchair accessible.


By phone: (914) 633-2053
By mail: 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801-1095
By fax: (914) 633-2393
By email: