Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does it cost to live on campus?

    The cost to live on campus can be found on the Student Financial Services Tuition and Fee Schedule.
  • Is a meal plan included in housing?

    Yes. A meal plan is required for all residential students and is included in the Room and Board.  More information about the meal plan can be found here.
  • Residence Hall Agreement Termination / Cancellation Information

    Once the Residence Hall Agreement is submitted it signifies an agreed commitment between the student and the college.  The student is making the commitment to live in Iona College housing for the full academic year, and the college is committed to providing the student housing for the full academic year.  If the Residence Hall Agreement is broken and the student leaves Iona College housing, the housing deposit is forfeited and a fee is assessed based on when written notification is received by the Office of Residential Life. 

    The top of the Residence Hall Agreement reads:

    By completing the Residence Hall Agreement, (the “Agreement”) the student recognizes that they are making a contractual commitment to Iona College housing for the entire academic year which includes both the fall and spring semester.  Additionally, the student understands that the Agreement is binding when it is signed by the student, and delivered to the College accompanied with the non-refundable housing deposit.  Early cancellation by applicant can only be made according to the terms and provisions cited herein.   The Office of Residential Life houses students who complete and sign all forms and qualify for housing based on admission qualifications and as space permits. Only full-time (minimum of 12 credits) day undergraduate students enrolled at Iona College may occupy a room in a residence hall. Other students may be eligible if space is available and at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life or his designee.  The cost of room and board for the 2014-2015 academic year is $13,570 ($3,600 for the meal plan/board and $9,970 for housing/room).

    The Residence Hall Agreement also states:

    This Housing Agreement is a binding document, which obligates a student to live in College residence halls for the entire academic year or the remaining portion thereof. This Agreement may not be cancelled at any time with the exception of a student's graduation, documented serious illness or participation in an Iona College sponsored Study Abroad Program. Students who cancel this agreement for reasons other than those set forth herein shall be responsible for the following schedule of fees associated with their cost of room for the length of this Agreement, including costs incurred to repair any damage to the Student's room and/or common area. This agreement constitutes a license for use of College accommodations and is not a lease. Resident students must vacate and return all keys no later than 24 hours after their last exam or 6:00PM on the final day of the exam period. Residence halls are closed during the Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, Spring, Easter and Summer vacation periods, with exceptions based on the prior written approval of the Director of Residential Life. The fee schedule is as follows:
    Termination Charge Policy for Cancellation of this agreement:
    If you chose to leave college housing after submitting a housing agreement, you forfeit your $250 housing deposit and a housing breakage fee will be assessed based on when written notification is received by Residential Life and the following schedule:
    Amount Charged Withdrawal for the Fall 2014 semester Withdrawal for the Spring 2015 semester
    $750 Charge * Before 5/15/14 Before 10/15/14
    25% charge of room for semester * 5/15/14 to 5/31/14 10/15/14 to 10/31/14
    50% charge of room for semester * 6/1/14 to 6/30/14 11/1/14 to 11/30/14
    75% charge of room for semester * 7/1/14 to 7/31/14 12/1/14 to 12/31/14
    100% charge of room for semester * 8/1/14 or Later 1/1/15 or Later
    *All Housing Deposits are Non-Refundable Students who can prove a significant change in academic, medical or financial circumstances since signing this agreement may petition for a waiver of this charge to a Hearing Board comprised of members from Student Financial Services and the Division of Student Life.
  • Can First Year Students request a type of housing, residence hall or roommate?

    The Office of Residential Life is not able to accept requests for first-year student housing regarding choice of residence halls or roommates. We encourage students to meet as many new people as possible. All first-year students are placed in East Hall, Loftus Hall, Conese Hall, or Rice Hall.

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  • What are the residence hall rooms furnished with?

    Each room has a bed (twin, extra long), desk, chair, dresser and closet space for each resident.

    For one stop shopping to find bed sheets and other supplies for your residence hall room please click here.
  • Do I have cable television?

    All rooms are equipped with cable. Residents have to provide a coaxial cable for the television. Please see the Student Handbook for a list of television stations.
  • Does the school provide Internet access?

    Each room has access to the schools wireless network.
  • Do the rooms have telephones?

    No, each student is responsible for bringing his or her own telephone. However, every student is assigned a telephone number and each resident has his or her own telephone connection jack (Some students in triple spaces may share a telephone number and jack).
  • When will I receive information about my housing placement?

    The Office of Residential Life sends out room assignments the last week of July.
  • Can I change my room assignment?

    First-year students are unable to change their initial room assignment. For the first two weeks of school there is a housing freeze, which means that no students can move. We use this time to help verify that everyone is here and in their proper buildings. After the two-week period a residence hall director can help a student change rooms.
  • When do first-year students move in?

    First year students move in on Sunday, August 24, 2014.  Specific information will be included in your housing assignment letter (sent to your Iona email address) at the end of July.
  • Are there activities for the parents on Move-In weekend?

    Yes, there are many activities planned that parents may participate with their students. We encourage parents to come back for Parents Weekend.
  • What items am I permitted to have in the residence halls?

    Students are allowed low-wattage appliances (hair dryers, shavers, radios, etc). Students are prohibited from bringing hot plates, toaster ovens, resistance coils and grills and George Foreman Grills. For more information on this topic we strongly encourage you to review the Iona College Student Handbook.
  • Do I need a fridge or microwave for my room?

    It really depends where you live. Students are allowed to bring a fridge to campus if they would like. However, there are large refrigerators in Conese and South Halls in the kitchenette area. Students are not allowed to bring microwaves to the residence halls, although they are allowed at the Eastchester Apartments. Microwaves are provided on the floors in Loftus Hall and Rice Hall, and there is one in each kitchenette in Conese and South Halls.
  • What are the room dimensions?

    Room dimensions and other room information can be on our web page under the building area.
  • Are freshmen and sophomore residential students allowed to have cars on campus?

    No, freshmen and sophomore residential students are not allowed to have cars or any other motor vehicles on campus. To view the full policy, click here.
  • How do I get my mail?

    Each resident is given a mailbox when they check into their residence hall. Any mail or package that is too large for the mailbox can be picked up in the mailroom. The mailroom will place a notice in your mailbox that you have a package, so it is important to check your mailbox daily.
  • Need bedding supplies?

    Click here!
  • Is housing available during break periods and when the college is closed (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, Summer, etc.)

    Housing is available. The Office of Residential Life will always work to accommodate the needs of long distance and international students.

    Please contact our office for more information.