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Residential Theme Communities
(First Year Students Only)

In conjunction with Iona’s mission to foster intellectual, community engagement and an appreciation for diversity, Theme Communities integrate learning in and out of the classroom and provide an opportunity for residential and non-residential students to explore shared interests and develop connections with other students, faculty and staff. Programs and activities aim to foster intellectual, intercultural, spiritual, civic, intrapersonal and interpersonal development, as well as broaden perspectives and understanding. This approach complements the commitment in Iona’s mission statement to the development of graduates recognized for their ethics, creativity and problem-solving abilities; their independent and adaptable thinking; their joy in lifelong learning; and their enduring integration of mind, body and spirit.

Women’s Empowerment
The Women’s Empowerment community aims to provide an opportunity to have students explore education and awareness, offer opportunities for fostering interpersonal relationships, and provide programming directly related to women’s issues. Students who are members of this community will understand the impact of gender on an individual’s experience and gain knowledge on current events related to gender inequality.

Social Justice
In keeping with Iona College’s commitment to diversity and inclusive environments, students in the Social Justice community will have the opportunity to advocate for social justice initiatives on campus and in the community. Students are encouraged to attend any trainings and discussions that promote diversity and multiculturalism. Students who are members of this community will understand implications of intersecting social and cultural identities based on race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexuality, class, age, religion, and ability.

Global Awareness
The Global Awareness community is an intercultural living learning environment for Iona students, both international and U.S. citizens. The primary goal is to create a community in which intercultural understanding extends beyond the classroom into daily student life. This community is intended to challenge and motivate students whose interests, experiences, and/or aspirations have a strong international component.

Creative Life
The Creative Life community fosters the imagination through exploring different forms of artistic creativity. Arts can vary from performing, to visual, to written form and one idea can be expressed through all avenues. Students will be a part of a collaborative community where positive ideals can be expressed in various forms of art and discover how art can be incorporated into other interests, majors and careers.

The Wellness community provides a space for students to practice habits helpful to develop their mind, body, and spirit. This community works to create a supportive environment through activities pertaining to maintaining healthy and stable lifestyles and fulfilling their personal needs.
The Sustainability community helps to educate students and increase awareness of the environment around them and highlights some of the issues facing the planet. Students who are members of this community will learn about current and past issues in the sustainability and environmental movements as well as campus sustainability efforts in energy and water conservation, recycling, and purchasing.

This community is designed for science majors and students with an interest in science and its application in our changing world. Students will gain knowledge on current events and advancements in science as well as knowledge about science focused offerings and opportunities at Iona. This includes majors and minors, research opportunities, graduate school or professional preparation activities, and academic support services.