Animal Welfare Coalition


The Animal Welfare Coalition was newly founded in 2011 and is looking for caring, enthusiastic animal lovers who share a similar mission as our own. We encourage all interested students to attend one of our bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays at noon held throughout the year.


Iona College Animal Welfare Coalition is a student organization that aims to address existing animal welfare issues and to promote a more humane environment in Iona's community and world-wide. We plan to facilitate our mission through educational programs and philanthropic endeavors such as fundraising, volunteering, moderating discussions, and disseminating literature both on and off campus. Our outreach will target students, but we will collaborate with current clubs, faculty, facilities, and administration, as well as the community at large and existing animal advocacy organizations to inspire meaningful social and legal change.

Past Events and Future Opportunities

Pastries for Pitbulls Bake Sale
Humane Society Donation Drive
Bronx Zoo Trip
Movie Night
Greenburgh Nature Center Volunteering
Humane Society Volunteering
Wolf Conservation Center Program
Build Your Own Birdfeeder

Honors and Acknowledgements

2013 GAEL Awards: Commitment to Service

Executive Board

Co-President, Executive of Advocacy and Awareness: Chelsea Champion
Co-President, Executive of Fundraising and Volunteering: Lauren Odlum
Secretary: Stasi Formica
Treasurer: Jen Dillon
PR Representative: Cate Monigan

For all interested students, please contact our Secretary, Stasi Formica