Economics Club

The Economics Club, originally known as the Economics Colloquium at the time of its founding in 1950, is an academic student organization at Iona College. Our membership is open to all enrolled students interested in learning more about the field of economics through our numerous activities at the college. Between guest speakers and alumni visits, touring the major exchanges, and competing in the College Fed Challenge, our members are always involved on and off campus.

Economics Club Moderator: Dr. Caitlin A. Greatrex

Executive Board

  • Sean Poyntz, Senior, President
  • Mary Ann Gallucci, Senior, Vice President
  • Amanda Behrens, Senior, Treasurer
  • Daniel Henriquez, Junior, Secretary
  • Ronald V. Distante, Junior, Director of Public Relations

Recent Activities

  • Exclusive Tour of NYSE
  • Alumni Networking Panel
  • Visited Blue Mountain Capital, LLC
  • Toured the American Finance Museum

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