2014 - 2015 SGA Election Results

We are happy to announce that the 2014 - 2015 Student Government Association (SGA) Election results are in!

According to the 2014 Election Manual created and approved by the Elections Review Board, "For a candidate to be declared a winner in their category, they must receive the absolute majority of the votes in that category." The 2014 Election Manual defines an absolute majority as a majority over all rivals combined, including the opposition vote, however, excluding the abstention vote; more than half.

Congratulations to next year's Executive Board and congratulations on a job well done to each of the candidates; they have upheld Iona's mission and conducted ethical, hard-fought, and creative campaigns. We commend each of them for raising student awareness as well as sharing their passion and dedication with the students of Iona College.

The results of the 2014 - 2015 Student Government Association (SGA) elections are listed below.
  • Vice President for Communication: Kayla Kosack with 90.4% of the votes.
  • Vice President for Finance: Peter (PJ) Milianta  with 89.9% of the votes.
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs: Patrick Lynch with 93.5% of the votes.
  • Executive Vice President: Thomas Severin with 90.8% of the votes
  • President:  Carl (CJ) Funaro with 76.1% of the votes.
Please note that any abstentions in a category were NOT used to determine the preceding percentages as per the Election Manual definition of an absolute majority.

The position for Vice President for Administration had no candidates. The position will be filled in accordance with the SGA Elections Manual and Review Board.
The Elections Review Board would like to thank the students of Iona College for voting in this year's election. Through your participation, we have been able to determine the Executive Board who will be the primary voice and advocate for all students on campus. This election has been a truly exciting and engaging process. We hope that the enthusiasm of the student body will continue to grow for future elections.