Iona College Statement on Diversity

Iona College strives to be a diverse community of learners and scholars dedicated to academic excellence in the tradition of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic higher education. We commit ourselves to education within the rich heritage of these legacies, especially intellectual inquiry and the values of justice, peace and service. Inherent in the Mission of Iona College is a commitment to diversity.
Therefore, the College seeks to promote, embrace and celebrate an open and inclusive environment for those of multiple backgrounds and differences including but not confined to age, lifestyle, national or ethnic origin, race, creed, color, sex, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, affectional preference, gender identity, citizenship status, disability or socio-economic background. A goal of Iona College is to foster an understanding, appreciation, and valuing of diversity. It holds that diversity should permeate all areas and aspects of Iona College in ways that demonstrate its institutional commitment to multicultural diversity.
As an inclusive institution, Iona College welcomes its faculty, student body, administration, staff and alumni associations to learn, grow and share their worldviews in a constructive manner. We recognize that diversity enriches the educational environment by fostering respect for differences, stimulating innovative teaching and learning, and preparing students to live and work in a global society.
Amended January 14, 2015

Student Life Diversity Committee (SLDC)

Under the Division of Student Life, the Diversity Committee consists of Iona College professionals and students who provide programs, support, and resources in order to enhance a diversity-positive campus community.  The committee partners with faculty and student groups and organizations in order to offer initiatives that encourage inter-cultural dialogue and insures that the diverse voices of Iona students are heard.  The committee engages students in topics that are of particular interest t o them, and facilitates programs on issues as: race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual identify, offensive language and symbols, and students with disabilities.  The committee also participates in the summer orientation program for all entering students, highlighting the importance of respect for all and community membership.  All students are welcome to become a part of the Diversity Committee and/or to offer suggestions for programs or other initiatives that would further enhance diversity at the college.

Statement of Mission

The Student Life Diversity Committee regards diversity as an asset and honors the myriad cultures, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, traditions and other differences among students that enrich the Iona College community.  Its mission is to support and enhance a welcoming, safe and vibrant diversity-positive campus environment for all students at Iona College.

Goals of the Student Life Diversity Committee include:

  • To conduct ongoing assessment of campus climate, student perceptions and needs, and college practices related to diversity
  • To offer programs related to all aspects of diversity (i.e. race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, socioeconomic status and disability) for all members of the Iona community
  • To promote inter-group dialogue among diverse student cohorts
  • To advocate on behalf of marginalized and under-served student cohorts with regard to access to resources, accommodations and other considerations
  • To educate the larger campus community about the psychological, social, academic, cultural, and spiritual needs of a diverse student population
  • To collaborate with student organizations, faculty, staff and other administrators to create a diversity-positive environment

SLDC Committee Members

Marinel Martinez (Chair)
Student Development
Sara Osorio
Career Development
Caroline Coppola
International Student Engagment
Teresa Delgado, Ph.D.
Peace and Justice Studies
Religious Studies
Rondha Remy
Residential Life
Caitlyn Gibbons
Student Leader Alliance for Multiculturalism
Tameka Hastick
Office of Mission and Ministry
Deborah Krishnan
Counseling Services
Ilene Haspel
Social Work Department
Edward Ferraro

Student Leader Alliance for Multiculturalism (SLAM)

Statement of Mission

The formation of the Student Leader Alliance for Multiculturalism (SLAM) transformed from the former Council for Multicultural Leaders with the intention of broadening the mission while preserving the core purpose. As an umbrella governing organization, SLAM will allow development and growth, as well as provide a sense of unification for the multicultural and diverse organizations on the Iona College campus. The formation of SLAM fosters the Iona community to speak upon current multicultural and diversity affairs affecting the college community and elevate concerns that students may have. The organization will cultivate as a haven for students which include but are not confined to age, lifestyle, national or ethnic origin, race, creed, color, sex, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, affectional preference, gender identity, citizenship status, disability or socio-economic background. SLAM will serve as a bridge-building system as well as function as an umbrella organization for multicultural and diverse organizations to come together in sight of support and structure.

Student Multicultural Organizations

Campus Resources


Interested in being involved? Contact the Student Life Diversity Committee Chair Marinel Martinez at (914) 633-2541.