The Iona College – ESL Program Curriculum

Iona College-ESL Program provides learners an English-only, learner-centered, interactive and engaging environment in which to participate in an intensive academic English program. The IC-ESL Program’s curriculum maximizes learners’ exposure to the English language focusing on the four primary skill sets of speaking, listening, reading, and writing while maintaining the highest levels of academic rigor. The curriculum integrates American culture and skill sets necessary to be successful on the TOEFL assessment at all levels and in all courses.
Six levels make up the curriculum of the Iona College-ESL Intensive English Language program. Each level consists of 12 weeks of instruction with 22.5 hours of weekly contact hours for a total of 270 hours of instruction.
IC-ESL Program Levels:
  • ESL 101 Introduction to ESL (TOEFL iBT less than 18 or equivalent)
  • ESL 102 Pre-Intermediate ESL (TOEFL iBT between 18 and 35 or equivalent)
  • ESL 103 Intermediate ESL (TOEFL iBT between 36 and 52 or equivalent)
  • ESL 104 Pre-Advanced ESL (TOEFL iBT between 53 and 70 or equivalent)
  • ESL 105 Advanced ESL (TOEFL iBT between 71 and 88 or equivalent)
  • ESL 106 College-level ESL (TOEFL iBT between 89 and 120 or equivalent)
Each of the six levels contain three sub-courses: speaking/listening, reading/writing, and grammar/structure. Each sub-course meets daily for 90 minutes, which means 4.5 hours of instruction in an English-only environment everyday Monday through Friday. In addition to the English-only environment and the learner-centered and interactive classroom instruction, IC-ESL Program learners have an additional 3 to 4 hours of goal-driven assignments (homework) every night and 6 to 16 hours of goal-driven assignments (GDA) on the weekends. The IC-ESL Program is intensive! If you are not a serious learner or just want to play, please join another program.
All instructors in the Iona College- ESL Program Intensive English Language program are professionally trained and highly experienced. Each instructor has a passion for teaching English as a second language and global education. Instructors have 20 years or more experience living abroad and teaching in the ESL and business English environments. In the classroom, instructors combine compassion with the highest levels of academic rigor. The instructors challenge learners at every opportunity during the program inside and outside the classroom.