Welcome to Iona College’s ESL Intensive Summer Program for 2015

Whether you are visiting the United States for the summer, a current student studying in the United States, or someone who just wants to improve their English language skills, Iona College ESL Summer Programs can help improve your English language skill sets in all areas (speaking, listening, writing, & reading).  All IC-ESL programs are student-centered and interactive. Each student will have numerous opportunities to engage in the English language with students from around the world and learn new vocabulary, idioms, TOEFL test-taking strategies, and American culture.   
Summer ESL programs are designed to give students intensive English language and content-based instruction in the mornings so that the student can explore the surrounding New Rochelle area and New York City in the afternoons and weekends.
Please contact us for more information for our full-time, part-time, and Summer 2015 ESL Programs. The Iona College – ESL Program continues to expand our full-lineup of academic English, general English, business English, and English for specific purpose courses.
The summer programs are listed in the menu section on the left side. Please select a program that fits your needs. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact the Iona College – ESL Program via:‚Äč  
We look forward to seeing you in class soon!
Joseph W. Polchinski M.A. M.Ed
Interim Coordinator of International Student Engagement