The Edmund Rice Society

The Edmund Rice Society is an organization of student leaders dedicated to mentoring and supporting incoming students during their transition from high school to college. The Edmund Rice Society, working with the Office of Student Success, ensures that Iona's students are well informed, well taken care of , and made to feel a sense of belonging, by having upperclassmen serve as hosts, guides and mentors. The Edmund Rice Society is the first contact the freshmen make as they come to Iona for a summer orientation.

The Office of Student Success hosts five overnight orientations. The Edmund Rice Society plays an essential role during these orientations by guiding the freshmen throughout the day and evening activities. Follow this link for more information regarding the Edmund Rice Society. The Edmund Rice Society also volunteers on Welcome Day Orientation when the entire freshmen class is brought onto campus for a day where they can bond and have fun. The Edmund Rice Society is assigned a group of freshmen for the entire year who they will share information regarding important Iona events, the registration process, financial services, athletics, community service, and student activities. All of their efforts help increase student retention, improve student life through campus sponsored events, and enable freshmen to feel a part of the Iona community.

For more information about the Edmund Rice Society, please contact Felicia Colangelo


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