Authorized Payer

Who is an Authorized Payer? How do I become one?

We recently made changes to our online payment system, to make it easier for parents and other designated (authorized) individuals to make payments on the student’s Iona College account.

Previously, the student would need to share his or her student ID and password to the PeopleSoft system to enable anyone to make a payment online. Because passwords are periodically changed for security reasons, this could sometimes make it difficult for the third party wanting to make a payment, as they tried to log in with an outdated password.

New functionality now allows the student to designate a third party (or parties) to make payments on the account by logging in with their own IDs and passwords.

The student sets the third party (usually a parent) up as an Authorized Payer on the account, assigning a password. An email is generated that informs the Authorized Payer that this has been done. The hyperlink for Authorized Payers on our webpage is the “doorway” for processing payments by these third parties.

The first time an Authorized Payer logs onto the site, they will be prompted to change the password to one secure to them. The Authorized Payer can then make payments in the future without being privy to the student’s constantly changing password.

The student can delete or add Authorized Payers at any time.

To set up an authorized payer the student will need to log onto their People Soft account and follow this path:

  • Self Service
  • Campus Finances
  • View Statement / Make Payment
  • Authorize Payers
  • Add New