Campaign Focus: Athletic Excellence

The endowment projects proposed in the Iona Forever campaign to fund professors, scholarships and coaches will be as or more impactful than the capital projects. Regardless of larger economic forces, Iona’s needs will continue to grow and will require resources to maintain academic excellence. Academic and athletic programs that can exist apart from the operating budget provide continuity and growth. The endowments that fund them provide a means for donors to establish an individual or corporate legacy. Without a significant endowment, it is a challenge to offer support for academic and extracurricular life, without increasing tuition.

Endowed Coaching Positions

Competing at a high level in Division I NCAA athletics takes dedication, practice, teamwork, talent and ongoing financial investment. An exciting aspect of Iona Forever is the opportunity for alumni and friends to establish endowed positions within the athletics department.

These gifts will honor the tradition of athletic and academic excellence embodied by generations of Iona student-athletes.

Iona’s endowed positions within the department of Athletics will help provide financial support for intercollegiate teams and free unrestricted funds to benefit athletics and the College. The inaugural endowed positions include head and associate/assistant coaching positions.


“Being an athlete here has prepared me for the future. I have to work on time management, make sure my grades are up –- high standards are expected. There are also high expectations of us as athletes, and in turn we need support from the College. The more resources our coaches and programs have, the better we all will be able to meet those high expectations.”
Safiat Ayinde ’15, Biochemistry Major, Women's Soccer Player

“Having endowed positions in our athletics programs will not only help with applying needed resources to our priorities, but also signals the seriousness of Iona’s commitment to supporting our Division I athletics program the right way.”
Rick Cole Jr., Director of Athletics

“Iona supports its programs, but to achieve and maintain the highest levels of excellence, we need more resources to enhance the success of our student-athletes. Competition on the regional and national levels both on and off the field is intense.”
Ricardo Santos ’00, Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field