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In an effort to accommodate faculty schedules, CELTIC normally plans multiple workshop sessions around each topic. We are also happy to arrange special workshop scheduling for a department or other faculty group. In addition, we are always ready to arrange individual training or consultation on any matter related to faculty use of technology or library information sources. Please contact CELTIC to discuss how we can best address your training needs or the needs of your department or program.

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Training Session/Workshop Descriptions

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  • New Faculty Orientation

    Overview of CELTIC support, MyIona SSO (your Computer ID & Password), Password Station, Peoplesoft, Blackboard, Email.

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  • Blackboard Orientation

    Orientation of Blackboard, the online content management system used at Iona College.

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  • Blackboard - Assessments

    Lesson focused on assessment tools (Tests/Pools, Assignments, Surveys).

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  • Blackboard - Setting up the Grade Center

    In this workshop, we help you set-up your Grade Center so that it mirrors your grading schema.

    The Grade Center functions as your digital grade book, allowing you to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress. You can provide and manage your students' grades for Blackboard's collaborative and asessments tools, and create grade columns for any activities or requirements you want to grade, such as special projects, participation, or attendance. In addition, you can determine which assigned grades to show to your students in My Grades- one of students' favorite features in Blackboard.

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  • Blackboard - Collaborate

    Teaching a distance-learning or hybrid course? Want to use a virtual classroom to expand and enrich learning beyond the classroom? With Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard’s online collaboration platform, you can engage students and interact with them successfully in a live virtual setting.

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  • Office 365 Orientation

    An orientation of the various applications and features offered in Office 365
    • Mail
    • People
    • Calendar
    • OneDrive
    • Word Online
    • Excel Online
    • Powerpoint Online
    • OneNote Online
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  • PeopleSoft

    Orientation of Peoplesoft, the Iona College management system. Class Roster, Grade Roster, Attendance, Class Search and other topics are covered.

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  • Classroom Technology

    • Computer/Podium
    • Projector
    • DVD player
    • Ladibug (if applicable)
    • SMART Board (if applicable)
    • Epson "Interactive" Projector (if applicable)
    • Faronics Insight (if applicable)
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  • Library Resources

    This worshop will introduce faculty to the resources - both physical and electronic - available through the Iona Libraries, and the various ways to access them.

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  • Library Resources - E-Books

    As an introduction to e-book technologies, this seminar will cover the various technologies and applications available for e-reading, as well as the concerns of rights management and distribution which restrict access.

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  • Copyright

    This seminar will attempt to aid members of the Iona community in making decisions about how to legally use and distribute copyrighted materials of various mediums - i.e. articles, videos, books, sound recordings, etc - for academic use.

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  • Video Editing - Basics

    Basic video editing using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (Mac)

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