Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Self Study 2021


To maintain its status as an accredited institution of higher education, Iona College is currently engaged in a self-study that will be evaluated by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in Fall 2021. By the end of Summer 2021, the college will submit a self-study report—an evidence-based narrative about the ways that Iona College has fulfilled its mission in accordance with MSCHE standards.

The accreditation process gives members of the Iona College community a real opportunity to reflect on Iona College's standing over the past decade and to consider how the College prepares for the next decade. Given the landscape in higher education and our collective efforts to ensure that Iona fulfills its mission during and after the pandemic, this accreditation cycle comes at an extraordinary moment in our history.

Team Members

Darrell Wheeler

Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)

Darrell P. Wheeler, Ph.D., MPH, ACSW
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Steering Committee Members

Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee

Michael Jordan

Dr. Mike Jordan
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
(Steering Committee Co-chair)

Thomas Moretti

Dr. Thomas J. Moretti
Associate Professor of English
(Steering Committee Co-chair)

Joanne Steele

Joanne Steele
Vice Provost of Information Technology/CIO
(Steering Committee Co-chair)

Working Groups

Father Gerard Mulvey

Fr. Gerard Mulvey
Iona College Pastor

  • Dr. Scott Cleary
    Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Teresa Delgado
    Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Yourha Kang
    Associate Professor of Biology
  • Faith Krefft
    Assistant Director of Iona in Mission
  • Dr. Carl Procario-Foley
    Director, Office of Mission and Ministry
  • Nicholle Parsons
  • Mary Crinnion
Muhammad Arif Qayyum

Dr. Muhammad (Arif) Qayyum
Assistant Professor of Finance

  • Dr. John Breslin
    Associate Professor of Media and Strategic Communication
  • Dr. Alexander Eodice
    Professor of Philosophy
  • Max Lebowitz
    Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Ryan Depuy
    Senior Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Matt Saint-Louis
  • Katherine Geslak
Kathleen Kristian

Dr. Kathleen Kristian
Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Felicia D. Colangelo
    Associate Director, Office of Student Success
  • Danielle Demorin
    Director of Accreditation and Assessment, La Penta School of Business
  • Dr. Daniel Thiery
    Professor of History
  • Anthony Iodice
    Manager, Faculty Library Services and Digital Collections
  • Dr. Elena Procario-Foley
    Professor of Religious Studies, Director of the Iona College Core Curriculum
  • Courthney Normil
Aaron Rosenfeld

Dr. Aaron Rosenfeld
Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program

  • Matthew Cardin
    Associate Vice Provost for Career and Personal Development
  • Patti Ingraham
    Academic Advisor, Center for Advising and Academic Services
  • Dr. Benjamin Gaines
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. David Zuckerman
    Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Nicole Posada
Frances Bailie

Dr. Fran Bailie
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Jeanne Matich-Maroney

Dr. Jeanne Matich-Maroney
Professor of Social Work, Social Work Program Director, and Director for the Center for Social Research

  • Dr. Jeffrey Alstete
    Professor of Management
  • Dr. Natalie Redcross
    Associate Professor of Media and Strategic Communication
  • Marissa Sannella
    Director, Samuel Rudin Academic Center
  • Laurie Wenchell
    Director, Center for Advising and Academic Services
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Olivieri-Lenahan
    Assistant Vice Provost for Community Standards, Student Life
  • Sionainn Krista
Fatima Ferriera

Fatima Ferriera
Director of Financial Analysis and Budgets

Bhaswati Bonu Sengupta

Dr. Bhaswati (Bonu) Sengupta
Associate Professor of Economics

  • Dr. Casey Dougherty
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Dr. Christina Andruk
    Clinical Lecturer of Biology
  • Antonio Scaccia
    Manager Unified Communications, Information Technology
  • Pamela J. Bottge
    Assistant Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Engagement
  • Jayson Fox
Smiljana Petrovic

Dr. Smiljana Petrovic
Associate Professor of Computer Science

  • Dr. Dean Defino
    Professor of English
  • Lewis Derenzis
    Manager Network Services, Information Technology
  • Br. Jason Ford
    Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Rick Palladino
    Director of Libraries
  • Dr. Hugh Short
    Professor of English
  • Maeve Wydan
  • Lauren Hurson
Person Headshot Placeholder

Dr. Ivy Stabell
Associate Professor of English

  • Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox
    Assistant Professor of Education
  • Dr. James T. Carroll
    Professor of History
  • Colette Moculski
    Controller, Office of Finance and Administration
  • Jennifer Morris
    Director, Internal Audit and Interim Title IX Coordinator
  • Victoria (Vicky) Woisin
    Associate Director, Student Financial Services
Jason Diffenderfer

Jason Diffenderfer
Director of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (OIEP)

  • Dr. Frances Bailie
    Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • Brian George
    Assistant Director of OIEP
  • Natalka Sawchuk
    Assistant Director of Libraries
  • Dr. Michel Varner
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Self-Study Information


Events and Key Dates


  • April Town Hall led by Steering Committee (TBD)
  • Summer and Fall Town Halls (TBD)
  • Dr. Eugene Cornacchia Preliminary Visit (4/28)
  • Self-Study Due to Evaluation Team (September 2021)
  • Anticipated Evaluation Team Visit (October 2021, Dates TBD)


  • Co-Chairs attend Self-Study Institute, October 2019
  • Call for Self-Study Volunteers, December 2019
  • Steering Committee formed, January-March 2020
  • Working Groups Assembled, February-April 2020
  • Self-Study Design Document Drafted and Submitted, March 2020
  • Self-Study Revised and Approved, June 2020
  • Working Groups Submit Preliminary Outlines, June 2020
  • Steering Committee Shares Feedback on Preliminary Outlines, July 2020
  • Working Groups Submit Progress Reports to Steering Committee, September 2020
  • Working Groups Share Detailed Chapter Outline with Steering Committee, September-November 2020
  • Working Groups submit Interim Reports to Steering Committee
  • Working Groups submit chapter drafts to Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee Collates and Revises Self-Study Chapters
  • Finalized Self-Study Shared with Evaluation Team, September 2021
  • Evaluation Team Visit, October 2021