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Faculty Senate Awards

In response to a request by the President’s Cabinet, the Faculty Senate has created three awards for faculty members.  These awards carry no remuneration, but the awardees will be honored at the Convocation in the fall.

There will be three annual awards: The Adjunct Faculty Award, the Junior Faculty Award, and the Senior Faculty Award.  Adjunct and part-time Faculty members are eligible for the Adjunct Faculty Award.  Untenured, full-time members of the Faculty, both tenure-track and non-tenure-track are eligible for the Junior Faculty award, and tenured, full-time members are eligible for the Senior Faculty Award.

The Faculty Senate is seeking nominations for each award from the Faculty.  Faculty members may self-nominate or nominate others.  Each nomination must be accompanied by a statement of rationale.

The Faculty Senate will appoint an ad hoc committee to review these nominations.

The committee will contact each nominee to inquire if the individual wishes to be considered and to elicit documentation.  The committee will then review the documents and choose an awardee for each award.  The names of these three awardees will be submitted to the Faculty Senate together with a rationale for each choice.  Once the Senate has confirmed the nominees, the names will be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Nominations should be made for someone who has made a major contribution to the college or to the profession during the last year. This accomplishment can be for teaching, service, or scholarship.   Any faculty member in any category may nominate a colleague in any category. 

Please send your nominations to  by April 19, so that the committee may act in a timely fashion.  You may nominate as many individuals as you wish, but each nomination must include a name, the award for which they are eligible, and a rationale.