WINTER 2016 – Connecting with the Common Good



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Read the Wall Street Journal feature on alumnus Robert V. LaPenta ’67 ’00H and his more than $15 million gift to the Iona Forever campaign.

See video news coverage of an ABC7 News appearance by Professor Jeanne Zaino, Ph.D., and coverage of Iona’s interfaith prayer vigil after the Paris Attacks on News12.

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See the complete mural, created in collaboration with more than 120 students, faculty, staff and friends:


Learn more about upcoming arts events.

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Read Iona community member reflections on Pope Francis’ visit, as well as news stories on how Ionians participated in many ways during the visit.

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See video coverage of William McGurn’s lecture at Iona and learn more about the series and upcoming lectures. Also, see a transcript of Mr. McGurn's remarks published in the December issue of Vital Speeches of the Day, among other notable speakers, including President Obama.

Find out more about Iona’s partnership with ESPN.

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Get a recap of and view photos from Iona’s Homecoming & Family Weekend 2015.

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Maroon & Gold Legacy is a 208-page published history of Iona Gaels athletics through the lens of two alumni featuring more than 230 photos. The book is available for mail order through the publisher. To order, send name, address and a $39 check, made payable to “Maroon & Gold Legacy,” to: John Monteleone, Mountain Lion Inc., P.O. Box 799, Pennington, NJ 08534. Price includes tax, shipping and handling.

See news coverage on the Guerra quadruplets from News 12 and ABC 7.

Few things about Iona College are more etched in stone, as it were, than its vision of serving the greater good. It’s appropriate, then, that the stone images at the beginning and end of this feature story are of granite that serves as a base for the statue of St. Columba, patron saint of the College who founded the monastery of Iona in 563 on a small island off Scotland.

See more photos of stone from around Iona’s campus:


Additional responses from the Iona College community in answer to the question: “How do you see Iona contributing to the common good in the next decade?”

LeeAnn Renda ’18
Speech and Language Pathology Major
I look to Iona to help me develop my skills in regard to my career goals of attending to children in need of speech development. Ultimately, I plan to expand my knowledge attained at Iona to develop the future of America, by focusing on ending the speech impediments that may disturb any child’s ability or confidence to unlock their potential of becoming America’s next big thing.

Natale Richards-Kennedy ’92, ’98MS
The time my husband and I spent at Iona really embodied the Minor Myers’ philosophy of “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” We received a top-notch education where we were taught the skills that prepared us to be confident leaders in our chosen fields. Along with this valuable skill set, equally important was the education we received in the values of kindness, community, fairness and the Christian value of doing unto others. Armed with these values, I believe our graduates will be empowered to not only do well but to do good – a lot of good – in the decade ahead.

Richard M. McMahon ’73
Coordinator, Graduate School of Education
As a graduate of Iona and a current faculty member in the Education Department, serving in two capacities, one as a teaching faculty in the concentration of Special Education and also the Coordinator of Graduate School of Education, I see this question in two parts. One is how I personally have seen this played out since I graduated from Iona and now as a person with a lens on the next 10 years as we graduate student after student into the field I so love: teaching.

Since 1973, all that I have contributed to the common good is a direct reflection of what I learned here at Iona College. Reflecting on what the faculty, Christian Brothers’ philosophy, and my cherished years building life-long friendships here at Iona has impacted on who I am today, it is easy to sum up. I am who I am because of these years, and this experience, Iona offered me and my two older brothers. All of us became people who have given back throughout our lives to society by practicing the very understandings given to us by the great people here at Iona. I have spent more than 40 years of my life, since graduating Iona, giving my heart and soul to every child and every colleague, as well as the love and spirit I found here at Iona.

This past semester I taught many students already teaching, and more that will be teaching soon. In each of those students I see myself. My students constantly talk to me about how they want to do things to change the world of education, to make it better. They all feel blessed to have chosen a field in life that is more a “calling” than a job. I let them know there is no greater way to say thank you than to do something for someone else.

Iona graduates, in all department, are leaving us with a belief system that they wear on their sleeves; one that says I am here to help, just give me a direction. This is a reflection of Iona College where they learned the reality that giving back does not start with having much. It starts with understanding that we give and give whatever it takes to make this world better for others. This is why I think Iona makes such a huge impact on the future, because while in the present, we bestow on our students that we will go as far as they need us to go to make it better for them; just like the giants that took me through those four precious years from 1969-1973 where Ricky McMahon grew up to be Professor McMahon. Society in general is better for the experiences we give to our students today and they then will give that for many years to come.

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Read Iona’s full news release about Robert V. LaPenta ’67, ’00H and his gift to the Iona Forever campaign.

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Read reviews and articles written by Matthew Buzzi ’14 for PCMag.

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See a video from Sunday Night Football featuring alumnus Michael Holton ’88 and his Packers house. Holton and his house were featured in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Iona College Magazine.

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Get a preview of Reunion Weekend 2016 – taking place May 13-14, 2016.

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