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Employee Discounts

AT&T Wireless Discount Benefit Program

Iona College employees may be eligible to receive discounts from AT&T Wireless.

View the following AT&T Wireless Discount Benefit Program flyer for additional information.

Contact AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 for assistance with eligible plans, offers or discounts.

Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium

Iona College has signed up for the Bronx Zoo & New York Aquarium Online Discount Ticket Program. As a member of this program, you are now able to buy discounted tickets for both the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium with the added convenience of printing your admission tickets from your computer and presenting them at the entrance turnstiles bypassing ticket booth lines.

You may purchase tickets immediately by visiting our exclusive Wildlife Conservation Society Online Discount Ticket Store in one or both of the following ways:

  1. Visit our employee Intranet site
  2. Go direct to our online store 24/7 at and enter this personalized Store Name: iona

We hope you and your family are able to enjoy the Bronx Zoo and NY Aquarium this season!

Enterprise and National Rental Car

In an effort to maintain a high level of service while positively impacting our overall costs, we are pleased to inform you that National Car Rental & Enterprise Rent A Car are the preferred rental car suppliers for Iona College. This partnership allows us to consolidate spend, simplify program management and significantly reduce our annual car rental expenditures while offering our travelers VIP/Expedited service, personal loyalty rewards and the best overall rate discounts in the market.

Emerald Club Enrollment:

Before your first rental with National or Enterprise, you must enroll in the Emerald Club via the link below to experience the full benefits of Iona’s program.

Easy Steps:

  1. Click on this link to be brought to our custom enrollment page.
  2. Once you have your newly created Emerald Club membership #, be sure to include it in all reservations for BOTH Enterprise Rent-a-Car & National Car Rental to ensure you enjoy the perks & rewards of being a member.
  3. If you’re already an Emerald Club member, it’s not necessary to enroll again. Simply email our rep your existing membership #, and he will have it linked to the new program.
  4. If you’re a smartphone user, download the National Car Rental® app and tap into the power of more speed, choice and convenience - all at your fingertips.

Booking Reservations:

  • To set up a rental with National online, go to and sign in (located on the top right of the home page).
    • Enter your emerald club number and password.
    • Your account will appear along with Iona's rates.
  • To set up a rental reservation with Enterprise online, go to, and sign in (located on the top right of the home page).
    • At the bottom of the black box click on “Add Emerald Club.”
    • Under Account Number, enter XZ24ION in the field.
    • Select “Continue” to move to the location and vehicle selection.

The Parking Spot

Iona College employees are eligible to receive discounts from The Parking Spot.

View the following The Parking Spot Discount Program flyer for additional information.

Verizon Wireless Discounts

Iona College employees may be eligible for exclusive employee discounts from Verizon Wireless.

See the Verizon Wireless Employee Discount Program flyer for additional information.

Learn more about Verizon Wireless and to register for your discount.

Zipcar 101

Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network and the largest provider of campus car-sharing programs. We are driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living on college campuses, in cities and across the globe. Zipcar provides universal access to thousands of vehicles parked in convenient spots in over 500 cities and towns across nine countries and on more than 50 airports and 600 college and university campuses.

How it works

Five simple steps to Zipcar freedom:
Zipcar Instructions

Zipcar Basics

Join at and get access to three cars live right on campus. Zipcars are self-service and on-demand (the keys stay inside the cars!). Drive them by the hour or day.

Rates, Fees and What's Included

  • Iona College students, faculty and staff join for only $15*
  • Reservations start at $7.50/hour and $69/day
  • Gas, insurance, maintenance and 180 miles/day are included in every reservation
  • Community members join for $70/year or $7/month with a one-time application of $25
  • 24/7 Member Services team ready to assist: (866) 4ZIPCAR / (866) 494-7227

* The first annual fee is discounted by $10 (thanks to Ford); next annual fees are $25.

Helpful Links

Frequently asked questions
Foreign licenses
Is car sharing for me?
Press center

Joining and Eligibility

Any 18+ students or 21+ faculty, staff or community members can apply so long as they have a valid driver’s license. This includes those with international driver’s licenses, too! After the quick online application is completed, Zipcar runs a driving record check. Once approved, the applicant receives his/her Zipcard in a week and can begin making reservations. A new Zipster is born!

Environmental Impact on Campus

Zipcar gives students an easy way to get around without bringing a personal car to school, helping to create a sustainable transportation network on campus. Fewer personal cars on campus reduces traffic, congestion and CO2 emissions and frees up valuable space on campus that could otherwise be used for classroom buildings, science labs and athletic fields.

More than 30 percent of college Zipcar members leave their car at home after joining the service and another 40 percent are less likely to buy a car because of their Zipcar membership, according to a recent academic survey conducted by Zipcar and UC Berkeley.

  • Decrease in CO2 Emissions – Each Zipcar member reduces their CO2 emissions by up to 1,600 pounds per year
  • Increased Use of Other Mobility Options on Campus – 81 percent bike the same or more after joining and more than 86 percent walk the same or more

The Cars

Zipcar will provide three vehicles to be placed right in parking lot near Rice Hall. All Zipcars arrive new and outfitted with our wireless technology, which allows members access into the vehicles. They’ll also arrive branded, with a Zipcar co-pilot, and outfitted with toll passes and snow shovels, where needed. Cars in our fleet are fuel-efficient, fun and easy to drive.

Let's Get Zipping

Zipcar looks forward to working with Iona College to build a successful car-sharing program and offer convenient, low carbon footprint transportation options for students, faculty and staff as well as community members. Let’s get zipping!

For questions or suggestions, please contact Lesley Valente, x2049.