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Move the World and Keep It Green

There are many ways for students to get involved with greening at Iona.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The Iona campus is becoming greener every day, from use of recycled paper products and nontoxic cleaners, to installation of LED lighting, energy efficient windows, programmable thermostats, and eco-efficient bathroom fixtures, to use of solar and electric vehicles and recycled paving materials.

You can help by turning off lights and computers when you leave a room, reducing water and paper use, and walking, biking, or using public transportation or the Iona Gael Express Shuttle instead of driving.  Hybrid Zipcars are also available for your use.  Additional information about Zipcars is on the Iona website.  Using a refillable container instead of buying bottled water is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.  Look for convenient bottle filling stations around campus, and visit for more information about this issue. For a great list of “Eco-Tips,” see

Most important, learn the rules for recycling at Iona.  We have a single-stream recycling system, which means that empty glass bottles, plastic (#1-7) containers, metal cans, paper, and cardboard can all be placed in the blue or green recycling bins.  No food, waxed containers, or Styrofoam—they must go in the trash bins for now (but efforts are under way to separate food waste for composting).  Plastic bags should be saved and dropped off at stores that collect them.  For a list of do’s and don’ts and a short video about single stream recycling, as well as more tips for paper conservation, visit 
Contact: Andy Albrecht, Facilities

For commuters and those living in off-campus housing, be sure to check your local recycling rules and schedule.  

2. Co-Curricular Activities

Student clubs and organizations that focus on environmental issues and sustainability include IC Green, the Student Government Association’s Green Initiatives Committee, as well as the work of the Respect Committee. Other organizations include the Animal Welfare Coalition (AWC), Biology Club, and Chemical Society.  The Office of Student Development has collaborated with other departments on additional co-curricular activities related to the environment, including Earth Day, community clean-ups, movie series, guest speakers, and excursions to Botanical Gardens, Bronx Zoo, etc.
Contact: Liz Olivieri-Lenahan, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Development
The Office of Mission and Ministry has developed several service immersion opportunities for students focused on environmental concerns.
Contact: Dr. Carl Procario-Foley, Director OMM

3. Academic Programs

Want to learn more about environmental issues and/or prepare for a related career?  Environment-related courses are offered by a variety of liberal arts and business departments, and can be taken by all students regardless of major.  The Environmental Science major is designed for students who seek careers as environmental scientists, particularly in the area of environmental research, testing, and consulting.  Students who are interested in environmental advocacy and education may wish to major or minor in Environmental Studies.  This new interdisciplinary program allows students to concentrate in Ecological and Environmental Literacy, Politics and Policy, or Religious Study.  For more information, visit  
Contact: Dr. Tricia Mulligan

4. Special Environmental Groups and Opportunities

The Environmental Concerns Committee (ECC) originated as a subcommittee of the Peace & Justice Education program over 20 years ago, in recognition of the fact that understanding of and respect for the environment has great relevance to issues of peace and justice around the world. Through ECC, Iona became a charter member of the 50-plus member Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities, which sponsors conferences, scholarships, and networking opportunities for students.  All Iona students are welcome to join the Consortium as individual members.
Contact: Dr. Fredrica Rudell, Marketing & Int’l Bus Dept.
The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue was formed to celebrate and promote the legacy of the noted geologian and cultural historian, Father Thomas Mary Berry, CP.  The Berry Forum is an open and inclusive space for ecological education, exploration, and transformation, and serves as a creative resource and hosting platform for conferences, convocations, lectures, retreats, campus sustainability initiatives, and eco-pilgrimages.  The Forum welcomes student engagement with its mission and goals.
Contact: Br. Kevin Cawley CFC, PhD