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Anam Cara Ministry

A Mission

In the Celtic tradition soul friends are considered an essential and integral part of spiritual development and the practice of spiritual companionship is a way to deepen and enrich the spiritual life. The Iona Spirituality Institute offers a ministry of spiritual care and accompaniment provided by a network of skilled spiritual directors who are available to arrange with you times and places and fees for each session.

This initiative is part of our ongoing mission to aid the cultivation of the contemplative life of persons who have found in the Iona Spirituality Institute a gracious source of support and celebration for the soul.

Please contact us at (914) 633-2590 for a referral to our Anam Cara ministers, or call one directly: Peggy Clarke (914) 669-5206
James Stewart (914) 589-4442
George Quinlan (914) 633-2233