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“The Thomas Berry Forum is an open and inclusive space for ecological education, exploration, and transformation."
In 2009, after the death of the celebrated geologian and cultural historian, Father Thomas Mary Berry, CP, four of his students gathered at Iona College to initiate The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue to celebrate and promote his wisdom legacy: Dr. Brian Brown, Dr. Kevin Cawley, CFC, Dr. Kathleen Deignan, CND, Dr. Daniel Martin, Karen A. Killeen, and Rabbi Lawrence Troster.

FoundersBack row: Daniel Martin, Ph.D., Brian Brown, Ph.D.
Front row: Br. Kevin Cawley, Ph.D., Kathleen Deignan, Ph.D.
It is our hope that this Forum will be a creative resource for the entire Iona College community, and for the many other dialogue partners – regional, national and global – whom we hope to engage in Berry’s Great Work to awaken the ecological phase of human development. In particular, we wish to serve Iona’s interdisciplinary and integral Environmental Studies Program as a hosting platform for conferences, convocations, lectures, retreats, campus sustainability initiatives, and eco-pilgrimages that will enhance our academic enterprise.

Father Thomas Berry

Our present need is to know just how to move out of this alienation of the human into a more viable mode of presence to the natural world. Here I propose that the religions are too pious, the corporations too plundering, the government too subservient to provide any adequate remedy. The universities, however, should have the insight and the freedom to provide the guidance needed by the human community. The universities should also have the critical capacity to influence over the other professions and other activities of society. In a special manner the universities have the contact with the younger generation needed to reorient the human community toward a greater awareness that the human exists, survives, and becomes whole only within the single great community of the planet Earth.