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Berry Forum Participates in Historic Women’s March in New York

Students marching
The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue led a delegation of Iona students, staff and faculty to New York City on January 21, 2017 to take part in an historic public demonstration for climate, jobs, justice and women’s rights as several hundred thousand citizens took to the mid-Manhattan Streets to make their voices heard. Students met at the New Rochelle train station and later rendezvoused with others at Grand Central Station before making their way slowly to Second Avenue for the march starting point. The immense crowds made the journey a slow shuffle. Eventually organizers and police opened up the route to allow the gathering throngs to move more or less freely across the midtown street grid to Fifth Avenue where they joined a long line of marchers stretching south to 42nd Street and extending fully to 57th Street and Trump Tower, the destination point for the outpouring.
Iona representatives

The Iona contingent led with a small banner from the Berry Forum as our marker. The expanded march meant several of our group dispersed earlier than planned and eventually a small band of Iona folks made their way to a dinner stop while looking back to see the large crowds still crossing 42nd Street as late as 6:30 p.m. Estimates ran as high as 400,000 marchers (and about 200,000 clever signs) protesting the perceived injustices, false narratives concerning immigrants, policies that threaten those made poor, insults, injuries and threats to the natural environment, to liberty and to fairness being proposed by the new administration in Washington, D.C.
Crowded Street of New York City